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Dishwasher cabinet door handle?

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LittleOverwhelmed Tue 23-Feb-21 09:13:22

Does anyone have a cup door handle on their dishwasher? Is it ok?

We are looking at having a mixture of cups and knobs. I would like - aesthetically - to put cup handles in the dishwasher and bin...

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PresentingPercy Tue 23-Feb-21 09:39:56

Mine isn’t exactly a cup but works in a similar way with my fingers underneath it. However, my DW opens itself when it’s finished! You can use a DW built in door perfectly ok with any serviceable knob or handle. But a self opening DW is a bonus!

LittleOverwhelmed Tue 23-Feb-21 12:04:27

@PresentingPercy thank you. I have just checked the spec of the dishwasher that I chose (Neff) and it has “door assist” - so that should help a lot smile

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PresentingPercy Tue 23-Feb-21 13:11:23

Yes it will. Far less stress on the cupboard handle. Mine just gracefully opens for its last 10 minutes!

LittleOverwhelmed Tue 23-Feb-21 19:00:02

Great. I have confirmed cup handles for the dishwasher and bin.

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PresentingPercy Tue 23-Feb-21 23:42:16


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