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Location advice (London): Highams Park vs Barnet vs others?

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lookingforhousepleaase Mon 22-Feb-21 22:42:53

Hi everyone,

[Username change to avoid outing info!]

We’re looking to expand our search area, given that not much is coming onto the market right now- so looking for advice and any other suggestions.

We’d prefer to be North or East London, as we both work near Moorgate/Liverpool St and we have family in northern England so this makes the trip a lot easier. Open to leaving London, but we’d want to keep the commute under a max of an hour door to door. We’re also potentially too London-y / liberal to suit the culture of many areas outside of town (e.g. we’re vegan, which I know doesn’t go down well with lots of folk). We’re thinking of starting a family soon, so primary schools are a consideration. The other big criterion is that we need to have lots of green space (ideally forests) nearby and lower pollution than central London!

Our top choice of area is currently Highams Park, and then potentially South Woodford / Woodford / North Chingford / Buckhurst Hill. We know these fairly well, as we live locally already, but worry slightly that all except HP might be a little bit too traditional for us- would welcome input!

We’ve started to consider Barnet, and we don’t know the area at all- any thoughts or experience, particularly in comparison with areas like Highams Park? Any other ideas?

Our budget is £600k, ideally for an end of terrace /semi with at least 3 beds. We’re happy to take on a doer-upper though.

Massive thanks in advance!!

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Caroline147 Tue 23-Feb-21 12:52:25

I can only advise on Highams Park and South Woodford, as I don’t know the others well. Both really lovely areas- don’t think you can go wrong. HP probably slightly more liberal. Don’t know about primary schools though!

Also worth a look at the Upper Walthamstow area (by the forest) and maaaybe Leytonstone / Wanstead if something comes up in budget.

Good luck!!

msgloria Tue 23-Feb-21 16:38:34

I think the thing to watch with some of the areas you're interested in is that to get a three bed house in your budget the compromise is sometimes to live closer to the main roads - particularly the North Circular - with the pollution this entails.

I would think Leytonstone and Upper Walthamstow would be good choices. Highams Park as well. If you aren't too concerned about access to tube then there are leafy areas, presumably with lower pollution, around Woodford / Woodford Green, that are cheaper because the transport access isn't so good.

MojoMoon Tue 23-Feb-21 20:00:47

Chingford seems like the sort of place that would not approve of veganism.

I did some election campaigning there once for a party that was not the Conservatives. We did not win, unsurprisingly. Surprised how much more right wing it was compared to areas like Wanstead that are not far away at all - it is definitely Essex there and not London.

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