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Thinking of Leaving Gift for New Property Owners

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juejaf Sun 21-Feb-21 09:58:21

I was going to leave a gift for the new owners...would normally opt for champagne, but they are Muslim, so no alcohol - any ideas.

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TheFlis12345 Sun 21-Feb-21 10:27:16

Flowers or a plant? Some nice biscuits?

YorkshireIndie Sun 21-Feb-21 10:48:14

Toilet roll

Eyesofdisarray Sun 21-Feb-21 10:51:58

Tea and biscuits??
What a lovely idea OP- I wish our vendors had left us something other than old carpets and dried out spiders shock

Parky04 Sun 21-Feb-21 10:54:39

Our sellers cleaned the whole house, cut the grass and left us a hamper!

Midlifephoenix Sun 21-Feb-21 12:15:40

Chocolates? Flowers in a vase is always welcome. Also leave a note about bin collections etc.

RainingBatsAndFrogs Sun 21-Feb-21 16:51:27

Posh biscuits and flowers.

mumsy27 Mon 22-Feb-21 02:25:22

nice gesture OP, box of chocolate will do nice.

DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Feb-21 02:29:23

I left our buyers a file full of all the information I could pull together about the house - instruction leaflets, details of paint colours, local info, that sort of thing. Plus a card, welcoming them to their new home. I later got a message to say they were really impressed with it and very grateful.

Bluesheep8 Mon 22-Feb-21 10:05:54

How about a nice hamper of tea and biscuits? Or perhaps a lovely scented candle?

Asgoodasarest Mon 22-Feb-21 18:37:10

@DramaAlpaca our sellers did similar and the file of info came in so handy. They also left us a card with a lovely message wishing us well and hoping we enjoyed the house as much as their family had. It was so thoughtful. OP I’m sure they will be thrilled with the gesture whatever you go for, I know I was.

2me2u2u2me Tue 23-Feb-21 03:18:04

I’m moving out next week, I’ve done a pack with all house/local info in it, instructions for appliances, Paint for touching up walls/doors and I’m leaving them a hamper, they’ve been tolerant to delays, through no fault of my own.

PhilCornwall1 Tue 23-Feb-21 04:28:20

They had 5 grand off the price of the house. They weren't getting anything else.

Candleabra Tue 23-Feb-21 17:15:39

A nice card and a plant or box of chocs. I'll do the same for my buyers.

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