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How long for Builder's Quote

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MissLemon18 Wed 17-Feb-21 07:54:35

I've waited 3 weeks so far for quote to raise the opening of my chimney breast and to replace chimney pot.

It's not a big job and I'd like the work done in lime, so I understand that some builders don't like small, faffy jobs.

How much longer is reasonable to wait before giving a nudge? I understand it's hard for builders to balance the work and paperwork side of things, and they'll prioritise the work over quoting.

Just don't want to be fobbed off - still waiting for a quote off previous builder I contacted last July!

Our aim is to have chimney breast prepared for Aga and for Aga to be fitted by Christmas. Popular builders are booked months in advance so I know this work really needs to be done by August to be on track for Aga, which means I really only have 4 months to have been quoted and work completed.

Any advice appreciated.

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saffire Wed 17-Feb-21 08:30:08

I'd say if they wanted the work, you would've heard by now. Get more people round to quote, it's pretty bad that they've not got in contact at all with you!

SummerBlondey Wed 17-Feb-21 16:23:11

Oh gosh, we had this problem last year. We had used the guy before. He took ages so I emailed him about 3 weeks later. No reply. DH chased by phone and he said he'd be in touch. Every morning I would check my e-mails with excitement. His original visit to see the job was August - we STILL haven't had the quote. The work has now all been done by someone else. grin I would contact other builders.

Chumleymouse Wed 17-Feb-21 20:00:49

Yes 3 weeks is quite long for a smallish job like that. I would say message him and give him a couple more days to reply, then write him off after that if you don’t hear from him. I just had a quote of an electrician took him a week to get back to me ( smallish job ) .

ammary Wed 17-Feb-21 20:10:01

I've had several round to quote and only one got back to me. They obviously don't want the job.

Electrician and plasterer all the same none got back to me.

So frustrating!

MissLemon18 Sun 21-Feb-21 23:11:59

Thanks everyone for your replies, I sent an email asking for an estimate of time on the quote, he said we were next in line for quote to get done, he's waiting for scaffolder to give his quote. He said he'd chase him up.

Thought I'd give benefit of doubt and an extra week. Did ask him to confirm if he wanted the job and if not, this would be an opportunity to say so.

Fingers crossed we'll hear back but going to ring a few places in the meantime to get alternative options.

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DespairingHomeowner Tue 23-Feb-21 21:40:05

It’s so hard to find builders!! I would be looking for other quotes tbh as if they want the work they will give a price quickly

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