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Does anyone live in or around Godstone, Surrey?

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Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 19:02:25

We are thinking of relocating there as there seems to be scope for dp's business and we have seen a property we like a lot. BUT I am a bit worried as it is a bit outside my comfort zone and I might feel isolated as I have only just started making friends around here.
So anyone live in the vicinity and like it?

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Fri 02-Nov-07 19:04:45

Link to property please ??

LGJ sits back and prepares to indulge in her property porn fetish.....grin

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 19:06:57

Here Needs work but agent has already been on the phone saying that the owner would take an offer.

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 19:07:36

It is right on the village green and it is a very pretty green.

ShrinkingViolet Fri 02-Nov-07 19:14:51

it's a nice village, there's a "rougher" area where there's been a bit of trouble in the past but I beleive the community police people have been working hard to sort it out. There's no train station (Godstone train station is actually at South Godstone whcih is a few miles away), but the bus service is pretty regular into Redhill/Oxted.
A couple of nice antique/junk shops, some nice pubs, LOTS of cricket played on the green in the summer. The school has an OK reputation (OK as in I haven't heard anythign bad about it) but I know of a few people who lived there who chose other schools roundabout. Feeds into Oxted School for secondary, or you have the option of Redhill/Reigate as well.
The A25 is a busy road though, adn as there are ALWAYS problems at Clacket Lane services, you get quite a bit of traffic coming off the motorway, and driving through the villages on the A25.
Go for it!

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Fri 02-Nov-07 19:24:33

Sorry at final stage of preparing dinner, will post later.

Worrying lack of photographs TBH.

Vendor a bit keen......

That is off the top of my head.

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 19:30:38

Thanks for that Vismile
As for the property, well yes, it is a bit of a tip tbh. Next to a pub. No garden so to speak and needs new kitchen and bathroom. In this financial climate we would be very rare even viewing it. Owner lives in OZ and wants rid.
The main plus is that dp could run his practice out of it as it is smack in the middle of the town. However even if it was just to be a home I think that it is pretty cheap.

pooka Fri 02-Nov-07 19:34:34

I thought it seemed cheap for Godstone too.
On the plus side, you'll be close to Godstone Farm which is brill.
NOt sure about living next to a pub. My grandmother does, but has never had any trouble/noise/disturbance. But I know other posters have found it problematic.

ShrinkingViolet Fri 02-Nov-07 19:39:05

mm, it's pretty cheap for the area. Not sure what the Hare and Hounds pub is like (am trying to visualise the green to see where it is) - it's not one i've been in. That could be affecting the price too.

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 19:43:29

It is actually much smaller than it seems in the pic because it is wide but narrow. So it is cheap but not outrageously/suspiciously so.

geogteach Fri 02-Nov-07 19:47:51

Hi, I live in Redhill, bought up in Caterham so know the area pretty well, I also did my A level geography project on the village many moons ago. Think Godstone primary is OK it has just got permission to add juniors to the existing infants I think, there are also schools at bletchingly, Nutfield and Caterham so a reasonable choice. That pub is not one i've been in either, and there are plenty of good pubs in the village. The road can be busy particularly if the motorway is closed. let me know if you have more specific questions, I may be able to help.

LIZS Fri 02-Nov-07 19:54:47

Hello !!!

That is a really busy part of the road if the map is accurate , right on the one way system. Not exactly opposite the green (next to pub ?) and garden likely to be small and north facing. Village is fine, not in the "rougher" part and bear in mind it is all relative. tbh I don't think it is that cheap considering location and condition, you can get a 10 year old new build nearby away from main road for under £375 ro a detached/semi 1930-1950s detached on main road. What does dp do , there are a lot of alternative practices already opening up in the area and a dentist opposite, for example.

The school is expanding (was only Infants but now up to yr 4 iirc). Green has a play area, pond and cricket in the summer. There is another m'netter who has more local experience than me but not for me to name her

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 20:04:19

Hi Liz, I thought you might be from around there actually iirc. Yes I don't think it is vastly underpriced. Dp is an osteopath and there doesn't seem to be one in the area(at least not anyone who is registered). We are nervous as to whether the community would support an osteopaths as the nearest one is in Oxted and I know lots of people go in there naturally for thier shopping.

LIZS Fri 02-Nov-07 20:08:29

I'm round and about ! have literally just moved in further along A25 towards Redhill. Presumably they are expecting existing clients to travel across but not sure how much demand there would be in addition iyswim.

dinny Fri 02-Nov-07 20:11:43

Yes, Carmenere - CAT me?

dinny Fri 02-Nov-07 20:12:28

I know that house!

LIZS Fri 02-Nov-07 20:13:45

Hello ! [waves to Dinny]

dinny Fri 02-Nov-07 20:16:06

hellooooo (ta for not outing me!)

LIZS Fri 02-Nov-07 20:50:16

hmm just seen that same house in paper for £325k so must have very recently reduced it.

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 20:57:59

Hi yes it was reduced this week afaik. Dinny blardy CAT is refusing my card detailshmm very odd seeing as it is one of the few times when there is loads of money in the account. Sorry.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Fri 02-Nov-07 21:02:41

Dinny and Hunker are muckers, do you have Hunker on your e-mail ??

If so, e-mail Hunker and send it that way.

dinny Fri 02-Nov-07 21:06:55

hello, I am here now - how does CAT work these days then? I haven't subscribed to it (I don't think)....

Carmenere Fri 02-Nov-07 21:09:48

You have to pay a fiver to CAT others for a year but it won't work for me sorry. So what do you think of an osteopaths at that site?

dinny Fri 02-Nov-07 21:11:42

right, had CAT not allowed on my profile - try again?

geogteach Fri 02-Nov-07 21:12:27

not sure how big your market would be, there are definately established practises in Redhill and Caterham and I would guess Oxted, not sure Godstone itself would necessarily support one but hey I'm no expert.

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