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Rayburn out, combi in.

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showgirl63 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:38:20

Really feel like I need a grown up at the moment, as I really don't know what I'm even asking for so wondered if I could have some thoughts before I make a fool of myself speaking to builder? Plumber? Kitchen fitter? Boiler engineer? - see I don't even know who to speak to first!

I have an old gas fired Rayburn that does hot water, central heating and cooking (all inefficiently)

If I get that taken out (which I think needs a specialist company?) I'd like to fit a gas combi boiler for hot water and central heating. If I had that in kitchen I lose a cupboard space. But I think I can then remove the hot water tank in the bathroom and install washing machine and condescending tumble dryer in space left, there by gaining space back in kitchen.

I can then get new kitchen fitted with cooking oven/hob etc.

Does that sound feasible? Sensible? Any comments or advise would be really helpful.

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Greenevalley Wed 10-Feb-21 19:43:18

It sounds like a plan to me but measure your cupboard space upstairs carefully, depth too.

I'm sure your condescending tumble dryer will enjoy sitting on the top of the washing machine!

NetballHoop Wed 10-Feb-21 19:47:37

I think I'd speak to a plumber to get advice on the boiler/hot water tank first.

Oh and I want a condescending tumble dryer grin

showgirl63 Wed 10-Feb-21 21:43:39

Ok so I may be on right track - just hope the condescending dryer gets on with the sarcastic washing machine wink

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showgirl63 Wed 10-Feb-21 21:47:14

Meant to say thanks for pointing me at plumber as first point of contact, really think I've tied myself up in knots on this so like having start of a plan

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Funf Thu 11-Feb-21 08:26:13

The best way to remove a Rayburn is to get a plumber to disconnect it. Put it on Ebay for 99p It will take a good few big lads to get it out but people will take it, just don't mention how inefficient they are.
How about putting the boiler in the loft or out building? I have noticed a few people have a small out house built just for the boiler saving lots of inside space. Ours lives in the loft, might be a bit more costly initially but space is often and issue as none of us have enough.

showgirl63 Thu 11-Feb-21 10:41:03

Thank you funf!

Will talk to plumber about possibly putting outside in outhouse - loft not an option as really old cottage converted in 1960s with no access and minimal space

I spoke to one local plumber about removing Rayburn and he said he'd done once, and never again! smile

Think you're right it's about finding right team, and suspect part of kitchen will need breaking down before they can get it out!

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PigletJohn Thu 11-Feb-21 11:08:58

a combi is not always the best solution.

How many people are likely to live in your house, and how many bathrooms and showers are there?

showgirl63 Fri 12-Feb-21 16:37:50

Hi piglet - it's a small cottage with 1 bathroom: 2 persons

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PigletJohn Fri 12-Feb-21 18:04:26

fair enough.

showgirl63 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:55:56

Just thought I'd update in case anyone else looking at similar - I've found a really good guy who is doing the job on Monday.

They are fitting the combi boiler in the top of the airing cupboard, venting through the roof, and after removing hot water tank still room for washing machine and tumble dryer (stacked)

Raeburn will be partially broken up on site then removed

I can then start planning new kitchen, having in effect gained a cupboard by removing washing machine and not having to put boiler in there

I'll let you know after the job if all goes to plan, but thanks to everyone who gave me advice and confidence to proceed

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