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Loft conversion, who to go for? A1 Lofts, Loft Rooms, Absolute Lofts, or EconoLofts????

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Carrera Wed 27-Feb-13 13:33:21

We had our done by Top Flight in Ealing, it would seem they're one of the longest standing specialists around (we've seen their banners around over the years). They also did all the decoration. This is done by professional decorators they use and we paid them direct. Complete plans to completetion service and they came from direct recommendation. We looked at others but the attention to detail and overall quality seemed better than most, we're very happy ... they were not the cheapest around but we didn't want to take the risks generally assocciated with cheap work.

Mumtobe2ndtime Mon 14-Feb-11 20:45:02

We had our loft converted by Econoloft not so long ago. They didn't do the decoration or tiling but did everything else. Plans, Building Inspector etc they were recc to me and I would recc them too. They had built plenty locally.

oneplusone Tue 30-Oct-07 13:43:17

I have done site visits but it didn't really help as everyone's loft looked fab and they all had various different reasons for choosing the particular company they did. eg. one couple wanted the company who could start the earliest, one family went for the cheapest, one only called one company for a quote and went with them. Nobody seemed to have chosen a particular company because they had picked them out as the better one.

A1 have been recommended on MN on other threads when I've done a search so I am veering towards them I suppose.

Would be very grateful to hear from anyone else who has used these companies!


nannyL Tue 30-Oct-07 09:15:16

would never go for any compnay called A1... just because they call themselves that to be at the top of yellow pages etc!

jalopy Mon 29-Oct-07 20:11:02

Have you asked to do 'site' visits. Each company should be able to organise for you to visit a client who has just had their loft done. You gets lots of information that way.

oneplusone Mon 29-Oct-07 15:02:18


oneplusone Mon 29-Oct-07 13:49:20


We have had quotes from all of the above companies varying from £45k to £35k. We don't know which to go for, I don't just want to go for the cheapest company but the one who will do the best job, in the quickest time and will provide the best overall quality and service.

I would be grateful if anyone has any comments to make, good or bad on any of the above companies.

TIA smile x

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