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Extension when garden is on different level

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PresentingPercy Mon 23-Nov-20 14:23:52

It will be quite expensive to do this. You are basically having to design a retaining wall to hold up the house. You may well extend below the foundations. To do this properly you need an architect and a structural engineer. You would need steps down to it but they are just stairs aren’t they? It’s already on a hill and I would try and see if other people have done this.

Personally I think the cost would outweigh the resale value. How much is the house? Standard basic construction cannot bd used and digging out in a terraced house is an issue unless you have a garden access. I would go into rental and take your time. With the cost of this extension could you not get a semi?

sunsetandcocktails Mon 23-Nov-20 14:06:43

Thanks very much for this!! Very helpful. Sounds like a rear extension shouldn't be a problem.
We put our offer in this morning and waiting to hear back. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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Chalfontstgiles Sun 22-Nov-20 10:27:07

Of course it’s possible OP. That is a steep drop but remember people have loads of basement extensions so very doable. Realistically you are going to have some steps both inside and outside in order to deal with the levels. I really wouldn’t worry about the kids though, they’ll find their own spaces and will enjoy it all whatever.....if someone’s into indoor skateboarding they can always go down the park!

bez91 Sun 22-Nov-20 10:03:32

We have done a split level extension although I must admit it's not quite as steep at yours. Similarly we just wanted to be more level with the garden on the lower level as before we couldn't let DD (2 at the time) in the garden to play as couldn't see her.

I would search planning in the local area to see if anyone has got anything similar through planning as you wouldn't want to have grand plans to get knocked back. I'd say a rear extension here could potentially have a detrimental affect on your neighbours being mid terrace.

justgeton Sun 22-Nov-20 10:01:19

That could have been our house 40 years ago, just before a big full width extension went on.

If it was possible then I'm sure it is with bells on now.

Beebumble2 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:54:10

You could make an absolutely fantastic split level extension. I’d consult an Architect, it would be worth paying for an initial set of design drawings.
The total cost would depend on the materials used and finishes.

sunsetandcocktails Sun 22-Nov-20 09:40:18

We're thinking of buying a house in an area we love, it has lots going for it, but the garden is a whole level down and is accessed via some fairly steep steps. It's not ideal, especially as we have small children.
We'd also want to do an extension off the back to make the kitchen bigger/create a nice open family room.
The housing market has slowed right up and we're worried we're going to lose our buyers if we don't find somewhere soon. And this house does tick a lot of boxes!
So- do you know if an extension out into a dropped garden is possible and if yes, would it be horrendously expensive? Will I always regret not getting a place that has a garden on the same level as the house so the kids can easily run in and out?!
Help pls!

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