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Rugs to cover bare bathroom floor?

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BrackenBeaker Tue 08-Dec-20 12:24:56

@ScribblingPixie Thank you, that's something to consider.

@Persipan that sounds like an option. My DIY is pretty woeful but I think I could manage that. That lino rug looks really good.

@Misty9 I would be tempted to redo the skirting myself as I watched a YouTube video and it seemed like even if I'm poor at DIY I can only make it look better than it is. The thing is, it's not my property and the combination of having to do it and potentially mucking it up just feels wrong all the way around.

SupremeDreamz Tue 08-Dec-20 12:16:57

@Throughabushbackwards thank you for that recommendation, I think those are what I will go for. The LL is a whole other thread tbh, I think the only solution really will be to move sad

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Misty9 Sun 22-Nov-20 22:11:09

I agree with getting some vinyl to put down temporarily. Places like tapi usually have cheap offcuts. I've got a grey bath mat from IKEA and it's gorgeously soft. Rotten skirting isnt nice so you could try to take it off? But mainly keep hassling the landlord as they sound in breach of the tenancy agreement and you could possibly start withholding rent...check the contract.

Persipan Sun 22-Nov-20 16:51:24

My lino 'rug'. Not stuck down at all, I literally just plonked it down.

Persipan Sun 22-Nov-20 16:48:31

I put my own bathroom lino down (a £20 roll from The Range) and it was pretty straightforward so although you absolutely shouldn't have to, you could consider doing that just so as to make it less grotty.

Alternatively, think about just using a cheap roll of lino as a massive rug. I have done exactly that in my living room over the rather crappy floorboards that I can't face sanding, and it actually works really well.

ScribblingPixie Sun 22-Nov-20 16:43:52

I've got a Brita Sweden rug in my living room that is made of some kind of plastic. It's water resistant and can be bunged in the washing machine so would be fine in the bathroom. It's softer than outdoor plastic rugs I've felt, really quite nice under bare feet.

Throughabushbackwards Sun 22-Nov-20 09:43:34

Should have said - also keep hassling your landlord to fix the flooring surface!

Throughabushbackwards Sun 22-Nov-20 09:42:45

I can't stand carpet in bathrooms (I have young DSs who still pee everywhere) so would always go for mats and rugs that are easily washable. These Ikea bath mats dry out really quickly and feel lovely under your feet.

SupremeDreamz Sun 22-Nov-20 08:17:05

This summer during lockdown the bathroom in our rented flat leaked. A lot.

It knackered the carpet.

It knackered the already knackered wooden skirting boards a tad more.

Our landlord (lives abroad) showed no interest in the problem and when lockdown lifted they even dragged their feet over authorizing the plumber to come and fix the leak which meant it went on leaking for days longer than it needed to. It's blind luck that something more serious didn't happen.

Now we have a bare concrete floor with tack strips around the edge and then minging rotten skirting boards. There are many other issues with the flat and we hope to move in the new year as it's just getting depressing.

No trades person wanted to come out to do one small room when they were booked up like crazy on big jobs after lockdown. I made an appointment twice with the main person around here and they didn't turn up. The next person I called told me to call the first person back because they were mates and they couldn't take their work?! This is all with the landlord being very unhelpful so by the time I got round to understanding what they were on about it was lockdown 2 and we're stuffed.

That said, it looks terrible and xmas is coming up. In order to muster up some enthusiasm to deep clean and decorate I would like this room to look a bit better than it is.

Does anyone have any ideas or product recommendations? I'd also like to cover the skirting boards somehow but I don't want something that will get all rotten and be even worse.

I suppose I can just try again with ringing someone to come and put some lino down after the 2nd of December?

What would you do?

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