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Who is best professional to assess potential tree damage to foundations

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Beebumble2 Mon 23-Nov-20 09:33:34

Before you spend any money go on line there are sites that tell you how deep and far reaching tree roots go.
Maybe it’s worth sacrificing your fig before it does damage, although you often see them growing against very old houses.
We bought a lovely house with a small 10 ft eucalyptus in the front garden. The roots would have eventually have reached the house and beyond. We had it removed.

whataboutbob Mon 23-Nov-20 07:53:47

Just bumping this I case anyone has experience of tree root damage and can comment.

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whataboutbob Sun 22-Nov-20 12:11:16

Oh gosh yes. Thought I was in property! Thanks for pointing out

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JellyStrudel Sun 22-Nov-20 12:07:25

You need to ask Mumsnet to move this

SentientAndCognisant Sat 21-Nov-20 22:44:00

Building surveveyor with RICS registration to explore foundations and and potential subsidence

whataboutbob Sat 21-Nov-20 22:33:32

I have a large fig tree growing in the back garden 2 m from living room, its branches touch the bedroom windows. It’s dawned on me fig tree roots are quite invasive. There are no signs of damage or issues with the drains at present but I worry this could happen. The tree has been there for a good 20 years. Should I get a surveyor out or would a tree surgeon / professional gardener be appropriate? Thank you.

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