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Would a mirror above this sink look weird?

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RandomMess Sun 22-Nov-20 20:42:17

We put a massive mirror on the left hand wall rather than in the gap by the window.

I ended up putting a small cabinet in there instead for the toothbrushes.

JellyBelly10 Sun 22-Nov-20 20:38:15

It's made/sold by a company called Hib. We bought it from an online bathroom shop, I think it's fairly widely available.

Aury26 Sun 22-Nov-20 18:13:55

JellyBelly ah amazing! Great to see a pic too. That looks really great and storage added bonus. Clever how its the exact height of the windows too! Can i ask where its from?

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JellyBelly10 Sun 22-Nov-20 15:37:12

We have a similar situation so used a corner mirror cabinet....adds a little storage and light and is at an ok angle to use when using the sink.

Aury26 Sat 21-Nov-20 16:53:42

Fuzzymoon that idea also occurred to me too. Just hard knowing whats best!

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LemonsYellow Sat 21-Nov-20 16:51:57

Continuing the lines of the window with mirrored glass was my first thought.

Aury26 Sat 21-Nov-20 16:49:40

Yes good thinking the the cupboard underneath the sink. I was already planning to remove that, as im not a massive fan if those storage units anyway. Though you're right, it might be making the issue worse too.
Interesting idea re continuing the lines of the window with a mirror! Im so crap at visualising things, but that might work!

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fuzzymoon Sat 21-Nov-20 16:44:26

Would a mirror on each wall , a slim one in front of basin and a larger one on the other wall look good? Have them meet in the corner so they flow. Edge them with the same beading you put on the top/ edge of the tiles.

Thinkle Sat 21-Nov-20 16:39:11

Simple cut mirrors can be cheaper than tiles. Would it work if you got one the same height as the window, almost like a continuation of the window frame? And as @Mamette said, the width of the space.
Or, get rid of the under sink unit which for me exacerbates the issue you have highlighted . And create some deliberate asymmetry in that space.

Aury26 Sat 21-Nov-20 16:02:03

Thank you. I was wondering if i was being too pedantic grin little things like that bug me but maybe not quite so bad as having no mirror there at all

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Mamette Sat 21-Nov-20 15:58:52

I would get a mirror that is the same width as the wall space above the basin. I don’t think the off centred-ness of the basin matters too much.

I currently don’t have a mirror above my basin (there’s a window there) and it’s so annoying.

Aury26 Sat 21-Nov-20 15:46:09

Moving into a new property. Plan on retiling the bathroom but cant afford a brand new suite but its not in too bad nick. I hate the placement of the sink though as its slightly off centre to the wall/window
I would like a mirror above sink for obvious reasons. Would a slim one on the wall look ok or just highlight the problem more? Should i get one to the left of the sink instead?

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