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Moving out for building works

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thelegohooverer Wed 18-Nov-20 19:55:57

For various reasons we can’t stay in our house while the kitchen is being extended.

The plan is to move into a rented house, pack and move everything out of the kitchen, utility, shed, playroom and one bedroom into the rest of our house.

My head is spinning. I’ve never rented and I’ve never moved house.

Ds has asd and I need to minimise the disruption for him. If it wasn’t for covid I’d send him to visit Grandma for the day of the house move but that’s not possible at the moment. We have to move over the Christmas holidays too so I can’t even get it done while he’s in school and I definitely can’t start packing or moving things around in advance. The rented house is a lot smaller than our own with very little storage.

Once we’ve moved in and the dc are back in school, I can get moving on the house while the builders are still working outdoors.

It’s all doable but I just need to be as efficient as possible. And I’d really appreciate any tips or words of wisdom.

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