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Property Conveyancing- recommendations

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Aury26 Wed 18-Nov-20 17:39:42

Appreciate this thread has probably been done to death, but would be fab to get updated recommendations. I live in SW London and have had quotes from EA recommended and a local agent that came to 2.4k or near abouts. Just a 1 bed maisonette worth 240k. Appreciate leaseholds may command higher fees, but does this still seems a lot?
Does anyone have any recommendations? I dont suppose they need to be local necessarily, just dont trust online reviews!
Thanks flowers

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Xiaoxiong Wed 18-Nov-20 20:53:31

We're using SAM Conveyancing, for a fixed fee of £1198 including all the searches. A friend used them and recommended them - they organised their survey through them too. So far they are proving to be excellent, very responsive and actively chasing the sellers for contracts, prompting us to book searches, etc. The solicitor is based miles away from both us and the new property but it doesn't really matter.

FastFood Wed 18-Nov-20 21:05:01

Seems a lot OP.
Bought a leasehold flat in London too and it was around £1400.

Aury26 Thu 19-Nov-20 09:31:18

FastFood can I ask who you went with too?

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Loofah01 Thu 19-Nov-20 09:50:40

Years ago when I was buying and selling a leasehold flat I used an random online place, found it much cheaper than using a local. More recently I used local so I can drop in and badger them in person smile

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