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Moving back to the UK

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Roxysoxmum Wed 18-Nov-20 16:01:28

Hi looking for insight into house prices and good places to live. I’m moving back to the U.K. as my 87 year old mother has dementia and although not bad yet, she can no longer live on her own. I know that long term I cannot manage her permanently on my own so thinking of moving back to the U.K. as there will be more support from family there. The problem I have is where to live? I am retired so luckily don’t need to commute daily but do like to get around. Most of my family and friends are in Cheshire and the North West and some in Lancashire so I’ve been concentrating my search around those regions. My DD is at uni in London so most important is a direct rail link or possibly a 1 change would be doable for weekend visits etc. I like the countryside but don’t fancy having to get in the car for a pint of milk or a drink in the pub. A active community to make new friends would be brilliant. I would love to know your thoughts and recommendations on locations you may live or have lived that would fit my criteria. Thanks in advance

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lastqueenofscotland Wed 18-Nov-20 18:00:17

What’s your budget, some bits of the north west are incredibly expensive, so that could have a major baring

Roxysoxmum Wed 18-Nov-20 18:35:34

£350,000 max for a 3 bed, 2 bath

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Xiaoxiong Mon 23-Nov-20 10:50:39

I guess the more important question is, where is your mum? Is your intention to live next door/down the road and pop in daily to see her? Or are you looking to move her in with you? Or are you going to need to move her into sheltered housing?

rsababe Mon 23-Nov-20 10:56:38

Do you prefer city/town/rural?

rbe78 Mon 23-Nov-20 11:01:45

North Staffs borders Cheshire and is a LOT cheaper in general...

Justpassingtime1 Mon 23-Nov-20 11:57:04

Dementia is a difficult illness to manage at home/alone.
Perhaps look into this provision when you move.
It can be pricey. Who will pay ?

emmathedilemma Mon 23-Nov-20 13:24:51

The main calling points for the Manchester - London trains are Stockport, Wilmslow and Crewe. Wilmslow might be a good fit for your countryside and local amenities although it's quite expensive.
Or somewhere like Marple which is a short drive to Stockport for the train. Marple has a station with connections into Manchester but it's not on the same line as Stockport.

Roxysoxmum Mon 23-Nov-20 16:09:24

Thank you for all your input it is very much appreciated. I will be having mum move in with me, I do know what I’m letting myself in for and plan to manage as long as I can which is why I was initially looking at the areas I mentioned in my first post because I have family that could help and give me weekends etc respite but I really need to be able to get to see my daughter whilst she’s in uni and for her to get home whenever she likes. She is used to living in Spain so was very happy jumping on a plane and coming over whenever she felt like but with COVID it has been such a long time and seems so much further away now than it ever used to do 😢. Not looking forward the the weather shock but looking forward to everything else. Thanks again

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Coldemort Mon 23-Nov-20 16:14:12

Chester also has a direct link to London. Its 2 hours.

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