House Insurance and subsidence claim

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Gettinggrumpier Mon 16-Nov-20 18:59:49

I'm hoping someone can provide some quick advice regarding building and contents insurance renewal that's due. 😊

A few years ago I contacted my insurers about a large crack in an upstairs room. Subsidence expert came out looked at it. Said it wasn't subsidence but caused by poor workmanship in bonding brickwork together. Also there was a problem with the drains.

Subsidence claim rejected but drains repaired by insurer.

Because of the drain repair I've stayed with the same insurer but now want to switch.

Since they wouldn't reduce the renewal figure enough, I've asked for cost of the drain repair to give an accurate figure on the quote applications. I've been given the cost for that and a figure for the subsidence claim!

I didn't mention the subsidence claim on the comparison website, because the claim was rejected as subsidence not found. Do I have to mention the rejected claim on quote applications?

I'm worried that if I have to, then many companies either won't provide a quote or the premiums will be a lot higher.

Do I need to record the subsidence that wasn't subsidence claim?

I do want to be honest and above board.

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DespairingHomeowner Mon 16-Nov-20 21:30:24

I don’t know but giving a bump as I hope you will find out...

Gettinggrumpier Mon 16-Nov-20 21:47:58

Thanks @DespairingHomeowner smile

If I have no luck in getting a response, I will phone my current insurer tomorrow.

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DespairingHomeowner Mon 16-Nov-20 21:57:52

I’d try NOT to mention as it wasn’t upheld ...

DisneyPrincess37 Mon 16-Nov-20 22:01:11

Yes, you have to mention this I'm afraid. I worked in insurance (until this month) and on some policies there could be 10 claims listed that were not pursued but as long as the claim was notified it is on records and you have to declare it. Sorry it's not the answer you wanted, I hope your premiums don't increase too much.

Gettinggrumpier Tue 17-Nov-20 02:19:48


Yes, you have to mention this I'm afraid. I worked in insurance (until this month) and on some policies there could be 10 claims listed that were not pursued but as long as the claim was notified it is on records and you have to declare it. Sorry it's not the answer you wanted, I hope your premiums don't increase too much.

Oh no, @DisneyPrincess37 hmm

I hope you left voluntarily and not because you were made redundant due to the pandemic.

Thanks for letting me know that I have to declare the claim. I was hoping that it wouldn't be the case.

So unless you are really, really sure it's a case of subsidence, It's advisable never to mention the 'S' word to an insurer!

Unless I get very lucky, I will have to pay the price and stay with my current insurer for a long time.

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Marieg10 Tue 17-Nov-20 06:04:16

You have to disclose all claims whether or not they were paid. Failure to do so will render the insurance invalid.

Be aware that the insurance companies exchange information. My DH a used several comparison sites for car insurance and completed it all accurately. However one site asked about what extras were fitted and he disclosed rear reversing sensors. The other site didn't ask for this and three months later he got a supplementary bill from his insurer as it charges more if you have rear reversing sensors (which seems crazy). Seems they could access other quotation details


165EatonPlace Tue 17-Nov-20 06:24:50

As I understand it. You didnt have a claim for susidence rejected because your insurance company said it wasn't subsidence. Having a claim rejected is not the same as not needing to make a claim. Does that make sense?

DemolitionBarbie Tue 17-Nov-20 06:34:28

The bastards have this notification system.

I was burgled a few years ago. They took my handbag containing my car keys. I drove an ancient ford escort at the time worth about £200, no one was going to nick it.

I called the car insurers to ask if not changing the locks on the car would invalidate my insurance or anything, they said it was up to me and were sympathetic.

Next renewal time they'd bumped by car insurance up £150 as the call was a 'notification' that flagged me as higher risk. The notification goes on a system that all insurers share so every insurer was going to charge me more.

I'm still really cross about it!

goldenharvest Tue 17-Nov-20 09:24:34

I wouldn't put it on the price comparison site, but if you decide on a policy phone the company customer services and explain the issue to them directly. That way there's a note on the insurance if needed.

goldenharvest Tue 17-Nov-20 09:25:55

I know if you report an accident to your insurer that you repair yourself and don't make a claim anywhere, they will still raise your insurance,

DisneyPrincess37 Tue 17-Nov-20 10:03:51

Unfortunately I was made redundant but started somewhere new with nicer people so worked out better in the end!

Yea definitely always better to not mention it if you can avoid it before it's checked out but it's so hard to know and you did the right thing getting it checked out.

I'm crossing my fingers for you that it doesn't increase too badly x

Viviennemary Tue 17-Nov-20 10:11:27

I'd say you don't need to mention the subsidence because you had it checked and it wasn't. If you thought you had x disease and went to the doctors and they said no you've not got that. You wouldn't put it on the form. That's my take anyway. But if the insursnce compsny passes on they had a record of your claim then it's a difficult one.

user1493494961 Tue 17-Nov-20 10:20:56

Don't listen to the posters who say you don't need to mention it.

Gettinggrumpier Sun 22-Nov-20 20:51:06

Hi everyone. smile Sorry for delay in providing an update.

I declared the claim on the comparison. When I chose an insurer and went to update the details on their site, they only wanted to know about claims made within 3 years not 5. I did ring to check if that included subsidence claims and the answer was

I went with another insurer in the end and got a lower figure for what I wanted the policy to include.

So I have managed to get a saving on last year's premium. Win, win! grin

Thanks for everyone's input.

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Wingedharpy Wed 12-May-21 17:06:13

@Gettinggrumpier : I know this is an older thread but, can I ask the name of the Insurer you went with in the end as I fear I'm about to back myself into a similar cul-de-sac in a similar situation?

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