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Kew, Muswell Hill, or out of london altogether?

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Mhschoolq Sat 14-Nov-20 09:50:42

For a while we were very fixed on Muswell Hill; found a place and everything. Ready to go and it all fell through.

Now we’re doubting that decision. Visited Kew before lockdown and thought it was delightful (aeroplane noise doesn’t bother me). So that’s thrown in a wildcard.

Also thinking about leaving london altogether because working from home (which has always been something we are able to do) has become totally standard in DH industry.

I’ve been contemplating Bath, Lewes, parts of Kent... and also staying in London.

And then the other week I started to think about Dulwich. Ahhh!

It is making my brain hurt! And I don’t know where to begin!

Family-centred is really important to us, as an active, friendly and welcoming community.

Would you go for Kew or Muswell Hill or leave London for one of the places mentioned above?

Considering the areas I’ve mentioned, my budget isn’t as enormous as lots looking around there - £1.2 if in London, £900ish if out. I’m definitely stretching myself with those areas. But Rightmove tells me it isn’t impossible!

I started another thread about how to make a decision (!), which I found really useful, but curious to know other people’s experience on those areas in the meantime!

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Mhschoolq Sat 14-Nov-20 11:22:51

Bump smile

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Raifa Sat 14-Nov-20 11:55:43

Heathrow is only operating at a fraction of its normal capacity so not sure you can get a sense of how much planes disturbance there is in Kew right now. Otherwise, yes MH, Kew and Dulwich are all those established white middle class area with a villagey feel. Can’t really comment on the specifics of K and D, but know MH quiet well, schools are great, community based and great high streets if you can afford the part close to the Broadway. But frankly for 1.2m you are more likely to end up closer to the North Circular or on the other side in the slightly less desirable East Finchley stretched, I found most streets quite compact with narrow front garden and a bit on the top of each other (for the price obviously). You will certainly get a lot more impressive houses for your 900k outside London if it suits your lifestyle.

Scottishskifun Sat 14-Nov-20 12:01:39

I grew up in Dulwich (East Dulwich which also used to be nicknamed posh Peckham my friends tell me its very different now and posh too!

It's a nice area quite a lot of private schools but the park is good and the woods are nearby.
Personally though I left London and never looked back (lived in Scotland majority of my adult life).
You get a lot more for your money outside of London unless you go to the theatre or clubbing regularly then actually towns or villages with good train links are much nicer loads of outdoor space easy to get to other areas and cost of living is usually cheaper.

Mhschoolq Sat 14-Nov-20 12:08:32

MH, Kew and Dulwich are all those established white middle class area with a villagey feel I think you’re right about that! Although I’m not white and didn’t grow up middle class confused! I think it’s the family feel I like about them all. But there is something that just stops me short of making a commitment...

£1.2 definitely doesn’t get us the biggest house in those areas. We just about squeeze in.

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peepercountry Sat 14-Nov-20 12:11:18

We are a similar dilemma & thinking of leaving as lots of friends have left & frankly I want their houses. If I'm going to have a massive mortgage I just want off street parking & space not a small terrace. I already wfh & DH will be looking at maybe 1 day a wk in the office post covid.

peepercountry Sat 14-Nov-20 12:17:06

The friends who have moved out seem to have a more relaxed way of living simply because they have more space. Does that make sense? So rather than arranging a group of us to meet in a family friendly pub which is packed & having to keep an eye on the kids we can have a nice drink in the garden as there is enough space for everyone to sit & chat, kids off the other end playing. Can have kids parties at home, rather then booking a church hall 6 months in advance. Even just been able to drive to visit a friend & find free parking that's not time restricted is a novelty.

Mhschoolq Sat 14-Nov-20 12:19:28

That’s interesting, peeper! What sort of areas did they move out to?

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peepercountry Sat 14-Nov-20 12:29:08

Lewes, Bristol, Edinburgh, somewhere near Tunbridge Wells & Reigate. So quite varied!

NewHouseNewMe Sat 14-Nov-20 13:23:57

In Muswell Hill, you will be able to get a smaller house towards East Finchley. You could move a bit further out (skipping A406 and Finchley) and consider Whetstone for a larger semi for £1.2M?
It has a great buzzy high street with restaurants and cafes.
Winchmore Hill is also lovely.

NewHouseNewMe Sat 14-Nov-20 13:25:31

Also Mill Hill, Stanmore, Radlett.. Out of town but still within 30 mins of the city if needed.

Ariela Sat 14-Nov-20 13:58:30

Some friends of mine were going to move to Kew but have settled on Marlow. Great little town with lots going on, and not a bad commute to London.

Raifa Sat 14-Nov-20 14:29:49


Some friends of mine were going to move to Kew but have settled on Marlow. Great little town with lots going on, and not a bad commute to London.

Door to door will be 1h30 or so each way depending on where you work and how far you are from the station. Not something one can do every day but I can imagine it’s ok for 2/3 days in the office if hours are not too long.

MarshaBradyo Sat 14-Nov-20 14:32:05

Out of those I know Dulwich well

Do you have to consider schools?

Constance1 Sat 14-Nov-20 14:56:29

Have you considered Kingston, St Margarets or Teddington? You could get decent sized houses in these areas - not massive but good sized family homes.

JoJoSM2 Sat 14-Nov-20 16:01:59

Out of the London locations, I’d choose Kew as it’s the safest and greenest with Kew Gardens and Richmond Park as well as the river. If planes don’t bother you, then it’d be a very nice place to live.

If you want a large house and garden + a friendly, family area with a lot to do for kids and adults, you could look in outer London. You’d tick all those boxes on your budget.

Mhschoolq Sat 14-Nov-20 16:14:28

We do have to consider schools - private is out of budget so state schools.

This advice is very helpful so far! Some areas I don’t know that are worth exploring!

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LarryUnderwood Sat 14-Nov-20 16:25:05

If you're open to Dulwich why not look in the surrounding suburbs - there are some lovely areas with a nice family feel but much more for your money. Honor Oak Park has a nice vibe, Beckenham is less 'cool' but very nice and has lots lof leafy tree lined roads. I'm in Sydenham and LOVE it - you could get this for your budget there which is pretty impressive.

JoJoSM2 Sat 14-Nov-20 16:25:39

Teddington is in zone 6 but has a feel of a zone 3 villagey place with fancy shops, fab Bushey Park and the river. It’s a very good spot for state schools.

Kingston has a huge and v nice town centre is of the the busiest shopping areas in the UK. It’s in zone 6 and the family area is North Kingston which puts you close to the river and Richmond Park.

For sth more suburban with bigger houses you could check out Cheam Village. Great park and walkable to the countyside but zone 5 with fab schools and lots of leisure facilities (sports clubs, health clubs etc).

Or maybe Carshalton Village. Very pretty and green and quite arty. Zone 5 and a bit of a rural villagey vibe to it.

MarshaBradyo Sat 14-Nov-20 16:26:08

Ok East Dulwich and Dulwich Village have very good state primary and secondary. (Small catchment for both)

Hopefully others will say re other areas.

JoJoSM2 Sat 14-Nov-20 16:29:08

This is where you can compare state schools.

DorotheaDiamond Sat 14-Nov-20 16:32:52

Kew is a very bad idea if you are looking at state secondary...I don’t know how the new Richmond school has affected things but a lot of Kew is out of catchment for anywhere! Friend got no place offered at all. Do look into it very carefully....

Primary it’s fine so if it’s not your forever home then fine! Otherwise I’d look at Kingston/Twickenham/teddington

tara66 Sat 14-Nov-20 16:58:49

Wadhurst area? Good train service to London.

Couchpotato3 Sat 14-Nov-20 17:12:38

Sorry haven't read the rest of the replies, but I would say if you are able to move out of London and WFH, do it. More and more people are doing the same thing, so selling up may not be totally straightforward. You already know that you will be able to get so much more for your money outside London. If you go to a 2 hour radius from London, there are loads of lovely places, too far to commute but near enough for day trips - perfect!

Mhschoolq Sun 15-Nov-20 08:57:43

Thanks for these - yes it’s the endless conundrum of whether or not to leave london! Wondering if I’ll miss it or regret it and wish I stayed. Lockdown makes london less fun, so that’s a driver.

I don’t know the west London Kew alternatives at all - of course, I’ve heard them spoken of a lot - but only driven though and never stopped there. I will check them out!

Interested in Winchmore Hill. I know some people who moved there although haven’t visited. Is it “villagey”?

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