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Putting offer in just before closing date, solicitor says not a good idea?!

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FingersXrossed Mon 02-Nov-20 10:27:17

Just saw a house we really like this weekend, we're in Scotland so it's offers over. Seller needs to move quick as moving to the other end of the country. One offer in, at valuation amount. There was one other viewer after we'd seen it, closing date set for tomorrow.

Family member said I should ask my solicitor to put offer in today, said his BIL did this and was successful after losing out of several houses. Spoke to solicitor who didn't understand why I want to do it because it's set to a closing date. She said that if I do that they might go to the other party and ask for a counter offer. Said we should put note of interest in today and offer tomorrow for closing date.

Family member said solicitor is crap and she'll lose me the house. Said I should feel free to change to someone else.

What to do?!

I know nothing about this stuff and I'm feeling pulled all ways. Got lots of stressful life stuff going on on top of this and feeling quite stressed out.

Thanks for any comments.

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