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Can you tell me what’s inside your kitchen drawers and cupboards?

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NoSquirrels Sat 31-Oct-20 13:48:19

Utensil drawer by hob (plus utensil pots on surface, but that’s because drawer space limited!)

Spice cupboard by hob.

Deep pan drawers for pans (doh), plates & bowls

Mug cupboard & glass cupboard above dishwasher

I’d like a tall pantry cupboard with pull out shelves if it was me - no room currently.

One cupboard with shelves for bulky appliances e.g. sandwich press, mixer, slow cooker etc. As we don’t use them all the time it doesn’t matter that you need to reach in the back sometimes.

A baking cupboard (if you bake) is useful as there’s lots of kit!

NotMeNoNo Sat 31-Oct-20 13:40:23

Zone zone zone
Shelves useful for cups and glassware and big packets like cereals. We tried a no wall unit kitchen and added one back in for cups etc.

Vello Sat 31-Oct-20 09:07:34

oh and baking tins live in a shallow drawer under the oven

Vello Sat 31-Oct-20 09:06:44

spice drawer by hob above pan drawer
spoons/ladles/utensils drawer under hob
cutlery drawer above plates drawer
glasses in wall cupboard next to sink
dishdrawer below sink
kettle by sink
tea/coffee/sugar etc in cupboard above kettle, next to cups
chopping boards and worksurface by bin above knife drawer

thelegohooverer Sat 31-Oct-20 08:49:04

Thanks. This is so helpful. @Crazzzycat that’s a good point about spices.

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SilkieRabbits Sat 31-Oct-20 04:57:02

We have top drawer cutlery drawer then 2 deep drawers for saucepans and baking trays, oven dishes etc next to hob. 2 cupboard above with shelves with cooking ingredients in like rice, herbs, pasta, beans, gravy etc. Another cupboard below with shelves but very big with mixing bowls etc next to hob.

Cupboard under sink cleaning products and washing capsules etc as its next to washing machine. On top of worktop, coffee machine, toaster, kettle, microwave - look smarter with the pricer brands like smeg. Then other side have cupboard underneath for plates, cupboard on top with shelves by kettle for cups, bowls, and more cupboards for food like cereals - fridge, freezer is by there. Worked well, its just thinking about what you need with what.

Crazzzycat Sat 31-Oct-20 02:37:39

All my base cupboards are deep drawer units. It’s so much easier to find things in them, so I don’t think you’ll regret that choice!

I think the main thing is to have things like baking trays, oven dishes and pans close to the hob. I put some appliances away, but not all; if it’s heavy or gets used all the time, it stays on the worktop. In practice that’s a kettle and a ridiculously heavy mixer that would probably break my drawers if I tried to put it away 😂

I found that herbs and spices easily get lost in deep drawers, so I changed to a big wall mounted spice rack instead. I generally prefer a more clutter free look, but in this case the compromise was actually worth it as it makes finding the right spices so much easier.

Seafog Sat 31-Oct-20 00:28:16

Almost a third of my cupboard space is for baskets and jars of spices. We cook from a lot of different cultures, on a regular basis, so need a really wide variety.
It I had it my way, I'd have a special set of shelves, not as deep, for them all

BackforGood Sat 31-Oct-20 00:20:02

I would want sink, dishwasher and bin to be close.

I do love my deep 'pan drawers'

I think it is useful to try and think what is likely to be kept in your cupboards. I remember one company not being able to get their heads round the fact that I needed the 'extra height' cupboards I was having to have an extra shelf in each one, or there wasn't really any point in having the extra height, but then you do need somewhere to keep tall things (jugs and cereal boxes come to mind)

Think too about space for trays.....your brush ....your mop....(if they will be in the kitchen - I realise some people will have space in utility or under the stairs)...... towel and teatowel rail or hook......

Are you going full height fridge or half height ? I prefer my fridge to be above counter / eye level and my freezer to be the lower half if that is something you want to think about ?

thelegohooverer Fri 30-Oct-20 22:38:24

I’m not sure how to ask this question exactly! I’m poring over our kitchen designs and trying to work out what configuration of drawers/ cupboards/ pullouts we might need.
Are there specific things that you have close to certain places that work well, or types of drawers/ inserts/ cupboards that work particularly well? Did you put certain items together?

We are extending after years of having a tiny kitchen with a lot of things on the countertops out of necessity. There will be lots of storage (yay) but also the work triangle is a lot bigger so having smaller stuff in the right place will make a difference. After years of everything being in arms reach because the space is small, I’m struggling to get my head around it.

I can see the obvious things like needing to be able to reach the tea towels from the hob, the oven and the sink.

And, are there things that should live on the countertops? I’m deeply seduced by the calm, clutter free counters of kitchen showrooms and I long to get absolutely everything out of sight.

We’re opting mostly for deep drawers under counters, as they seem very practical. But maybe there are good reasons for shelves that I’m not seeing?

I’d really appreciate knowing what layouts work in your kitchen- what logic you used for where to put things- what doesn’t work or is a constant irritation.

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