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Please knock this house about

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ajpap Thu 29-Oct-20 00:49:37

And give me some ideas.

Bungalow.. I want a bigger kitchen and a utility. You can extend upstairs if you want to put in stairs. You can have the garage. I'd like to keep a downstairs toilet.

You can extend out the back too.

You've got 100k

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Stonecrop Thu 29-Oct-20 05:06:29

Which direction is north and where is the best view? Which direction is the back, the kitchen side?

BitOfFun Thu 29-Oct-20 05:23:09

Right. I'd separate the back of the house with the pink wall, giving you a dining area, plus a utility area where the garage was.

You can expand your living room at the front by knocking down the orange squiggly wall.

mathanxiety Thu 29-Oct-20 05:39:17

Reclaim half the garage, extend the front part of it into the drive to make up for loss of space at the back. The reclaimed space would be turned into part of a long kitchen/dining area encompassing the existing kitchen, the back area of the current sitting room, and the former back half of the garage, at the back of the house.

Rejig the fireplace into a corner fireplace. Close off the sitting room area from the kitchen diner with sliding doors for versatile space use.

Knock down the wall currently dividing the kitchen from the sitting room. Put cabinets on the back wall instead, on either side of the window, and also in the new kitchen space at the back of the current fireplace. Close up the current kitchen door, replace with a window, and extend cabinets/appliances on that wall under and around the window. Open up french doors to the back garden in the current back end of the sitting room and another set at the right side in the former back of the garage.

You need an access door from the garage into the kitchen/diner.

You could knock the entire back wall of the house about three feet into the garden to make a less galley like kitchen /diner and you would end up with a bigger back bedroom too.

ninebiscuits Thu 29-Oct-20 05:45:02

So without seeing the actual house and surroundings, I would....

Put an extension across the whole back of the house, incorporating the garage (or at least the back 50%) into the house floor plan.

Use the current kitchen to turn into the utility, and possibly include an ensuite to the now larger back bedroom.

Use the extension and current lounge and garage to create a huge open plan kitchen, diner, family room, bifold doors, roof lantern etc etc

If you kept a part of the existing garage at the front for storage say, then the existing lounge could become a cozy snug room.

If you incorporate the garage into the house, do you still have outside access into the back garden?

I have no idea if that can all be done for £100k... but thats what I would do!

Hope this helps!

fuzzymoon Thu 29-Oct-20 05:53:42

Another option.

Knock kitchen and small bedroom into a larger kitchen.
Bathroom becomes utility and downstairs loo.
Stairs off hall cutting a bit off the sitting room.
Dorma windows place bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.

custardbear Thu 29-Oct-20 06:11:15

Where's the garden?
We've just extended our house albeit the budget was double. We had a 3 bed bungalow.

Extended out long wall by 2m x 14 m
Put two bedrooms, two en suites and loft room upstairs
Now have a large 11x5m lounge kitchen dining room on garden side (used to all be on the wrong side, now we use the garden all the time, didnt before as it was difficult to access)
Got two bedrooms downstairs one with en suite
Main bathroom down stairs (not en suite so guests can use it without going through bedroooms)
Utility room
Snug with corner bifold doors so it's got a floating ceiling

I'd accommodate £1.5 k per metre extension and really plan how your house would 'work' so we've moved all our living areas to the garden side of the house (L shape garden here) and made extra space. We've spent £200k but made £300k in value so just do the maths and think about how you'd use the inside and outside space

Squirrelsmum Thu 29-Oct-20 06:17:29

Is the pink wall structural? If not I'd take it out and turn it all into an open plan with an island in the kitchen looking into the lounge room. It's a similar size to our living area and it makes a big difference not having a wall cutting it in two. Put a door into the garage and put the utilities out there.

waitrosetrollydolly Thu 29-Oct-20 06:30:12

With 100k I'd put a loft room and ensuite in for master bedroom ( not drawn) and with the money left over I'd even up the kids rooms so they are the same size, convert current kitchen to staircase area and utility/laundry and boot room. I'd have two openings into garage from lounge to repurpose it as a kitchen with dining table for now, with a saving scheme in place to build along part of the rear at a later date to create a proper dining room on the rear of kitchen and lounge. ( as I doubt £100k would stretch that far to do it at same time ) when table is in new dining room I'd put a fabulous big pantry where the table was.

NewHouseNewMe Thu 29-Oct-20 08:08:59

@waitrosetrollydolly Yes that's about it!! Perfect.

justgeton Thu 29-Oct-20 08:17:42

Oh wow you're good!!

To answer a couple of questions... the current kitchen looks out on to the garden, which is the best view but it's north facing so putting the hall/ stairs there is fine.

You're all making me get excited again over a house I'm falling out of love with.

CatherinedeBourgh Thu 29-Oct-20 10:40:06

I like waitrose’s plan, but I would have a double winder or u-shaped staircase rather than spiral. Spiral stairs always feel cramped relative to the space they take imo.

If you are willing to give up some of the utility space, u-shaped staircase with a landing in front of a full height glass window (not opening, just a large sheet of glass) would be amazing as that is the best view.

If not, consider putting a large skylight above the staircase. It will make a huge difference.

justgeton Thu 29-Oct-20 11:35:41

So many ideas I hadn't thought of... thank you.

I am tempted to lose the bathroom to make a large hall, and turn one of the bedrooms in to a bathroom. The front of the house gets all the sun so we need to live there, but the garden at the back is by far the best outlook.

The original kitchen could be big utility but it would be bigger than needed.

You're all so imaginative... thank you.

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