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What do you think of this house - esp pillar in kitchen

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joecormac Wed 28-Oct-20 23:56:33

It’s the kitchen - I like location, size, huge park opposite.
Not my style but post divorce, me and two kids I like doing work/decorating - but have feeling that the post/pillar in the can’t be replaced by steel (as surely they would have done it?) and can’t imagine kitchen layout

What do you think?

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PickAChew Wed 28-Oct-20 23:59:43

I'm expecting a world of structural problems because too many walls have been removed.

No idea what typical prices are but the finish is cheap. I don't trust it to be sound.

HeddaGarbled Thu 29-Oct-20 00:06:47

What an odd conversion: two living rooms but no downstairs toilet.

Magstermay Thu 29-Oct-20 00:13:12

That looks like a money pit! I thought you were supposed to have a door between kitchen and stairs in case of fire?
There also seem to be a lot of garages there.

thisgardenlife Thu 29-Oct-20 00:15:50

I'd put a wall of fitted floor to ceiling cabinets from the bottom of the stairs (get rid of the balustrade) to join up and conceal the pillar.

RoseMartha Thu 29-Oct-20 00:29:38

If I had been able to afford that post my divorce I would have been happy, not to my taste decor wise but some paint would cure that. (Dc and I are now in a flat in the bottom end of the housing market. But it is a roof over our heads and it feels homely).

If you dont feel happy living with the post then maybe its not for you. Is there any other choices in your area and price band?

Did you get the 'I could live here feeling when you viewed online or in person?

justgeton Thu 29-Oct-20 00:40:07

Looks lovely and big, I like it.

I usually like exposed bricks but that pillar would be far less obvious skimmed.

I wouldn't be put off by decor.

Onjnmoeiejducwoapy Thu 29-Oct-20 00:48:55

It is HUGE inside, real surprise! I think it has grata potential—current owners have decor that... (trying and failing to find polite term), but the spaces themselves are great.

Layout might be a concern though? Hard to visualise it, and as others said I would examine structural issues v v closely as a lot of work has been done on this and it could be a moneypit if something is wrong.

Kitchen pillar: very possible to make this look fine, current one is HIDEOUS, it doesn’t have to be.

CanadianJohn Thu 29-Oct-20 01:57:57

If I understand the agent-speak correctly, the "access" at the side is not private - it leads to a shared courtyard for the whole row (4 (?) houses), with garages for each.

No idea what to do with the kitchen pillar - as someone upthread suggested, maybe incorporate it into a row of cupboards.

Coldhandscoldheart Thu 29-Oct-20 05:46:48

Why is the fridge all the way over there, when the sink & presumably cooker are all the way over here? That would put me off a bit.
Also no garden? But that’s personal rather than practical.

custardbear Thu 29-Oct-20 06:18:31

Pillar wouldn't bother me, but I'd definitely be putting in a downstairs loo and utility rather than all that living space - you'd sill have plenty of downstairs space

HappyDinosaur Thu 29-Oct-20 06:27:03

I done mind the pillar, but is the shared courtyard and front bit the only garden? That would be more worrying for me.

BeautifulandWilfulandDead Thu 29-Oct-20 06:48:19

I really like the house - lots of room, the finish is pretty good. The pillar doesn't bother me but I would get it skimmed. No garden though, which would be a deal breaker for me.

marthastew Thu 29-Oct-20 06:58:31

I think it looks like it has huge potential and could be really beautiful but will need quite a bit of work to get it looking good. It looks like there is a lot of DIY in the house and some quite unconventional layouts in the kitchen and bathroom that could be expensive to change. It's a blank canvas though and if you don't mind its quirks, them great. I would look at rebalancing the layout of the ground floor with a kitchen island or something in the middle.

Get a full survey though. And could you ask a friendly builder to have a squiz at it too and see what they think.

I don't mind the pillar. I would plaster the exposed brick though. I also like the double towel rail.

SoosanCarter Thu 29-Oct-20 07:12:00

I think stairs in the kitchen are against building regs.
Any fire would race upstairs.

Heronwatcher Thu 29-Oct-20 07:14:41

I think that you probably could replace it but it would be expensive but it’s difficult to tell. The only issue might be if the steel beam would need to cut across the staircase but a builder would be able to tell you. Many people do a conversion like this because it’s cheaper. I agree that it would look much better skimmed, painted and without feature photo!

wherestheotherone Thu 29-Oct-20 07:20:57

Pillar needs plastering and painting at the very least

Roselilly36 Thu 29-Oct-20 07:30:46

Looks like you walk straight into the lounge from the front door that would put me off straight away. The pillar in the kitchen takes up space, but I would assume was a necessity rather than a feature. Skimmed & painted would improve the cosmetic. Lack of garden will be a big draw back for future resale, even with a park opposite. Also I am not sure if I would like the access presumably to the garages running alongside my house. It’s a cheap price, but there is a always a compromise. Good luck with your search.

JoJoSM2 Thu 29-Oct-20 07:34:15

It’s a bit offensive looking but does seem to have a fair bit of space for what would have started as a Victorian cottage.

Is it that much cheaper because of the main road?

With regards to the pillar, I’d probably have the kitchen to one side but I’d put some walls back up by the pillar to section off a laundry/coat and boot space.

JenniferSantoro Thu 29-Oct-20 07:34:39

It way too open plan for me. Imagine the heating bills. It doesn’t look cosy at all. I’ve no idea where Flixton is but it’s a huge amount of money for a cottage (I live up north hence my perspective on what you get for your money).

JoJoSM2 Thu 29-Oct-20 07:35:40

Is there no garden at all?

KaptainKaveman Thu 29-Oct-20 07:36:04

I don't like the layout at all. It seems as if you open the front door into the kitchen? and the stairs leading from the kitchen to the next floor are plain weird!
The bathroom is lovely and big but is there no garden?

timehealsmost Thu 29-Oct-20 07:37:42

nice house but the kitchen layout feels very wrong. If you could sort, then maybe

HappyDinosaur Thu 29-Oct-20 07:38:53

Stairs in a kitchen are not unusual and not against building regs as long as the windows upstairs are fully opening. So, for example, if you had windows split horizontally the bottom half would have to open as well as the top.

CaledoniaCatalan Thu 29-Oct-20 07:39:18

I don't mind the puller but apart from the obvious fire risks I'd be put off by cooking smells rising up to the bedrooms.
I live in an old house and it is very cold so another thing that would put me off is the front door coming straight in to the living room, anytime the door opens heat will be escaping

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