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Would you go herringbone or long plank stumble amtico?

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WellTidy Wed 28-Oct-20 21:44:09

We have finally decided to have amtico flooring in our hall, and the playroom and sitting room that go off it. We think we are down to Form oiled timber or Spacia black walnut.

Hall is square-ish and quite large, playroom is 21 x 19 feet, sitting room is 19 x 17 feet.

We like both herringbone and planks, just unsure whether to have a mix of herringbone and planks (so maybe a herringbone in the hall and planks in the sitting room and playroom). We will definitely be having a recessed door mat as you come in through the front door.

If we were to have planks, they would go in the same direction in the hall and the playroom, but would go in the other direction in the sitting room, due to the dimensions of all the rooms.

So - based on our dimensions, would herringbone or slats be best, and if so which in Which rooms?

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m0therofdragons Wed 28-Oct-20 21:48:55

We’ve just decided to go with karndean in our hall, cloakroom, dining room, kitchen and utility. Currently it’s planks - at an angle in the hall but straight everywhere else. We’re changing it to herringbone everywhere. I can’t wait for the change.

WellTidy Wed 28-Oct-20 21:57:55

Why have you changed mother and what is it about the herringbone that you like? Would you be willing to share your dimensions please? I have read that herringbone is good in small spaces but also conflictingly that it is also good I larger spaces. Is it basically good everywhere, and could the same be said for planks, I wonder?!

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