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Building a false chimney breast- which tradesperson?

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Laralana Wed 28-Oct-20 15:18:49

I'd like to build a false chimney breast and although I've read that its a relatively easy DIY job I completely do not trust myself to do this! So I was wondering what tradesperson would be able to build one of these? The chimney breast would be decorative and wouldn't actually have a working fire in it. From what I've researched a wooden frame is built, fitted with plasterboard, and then the joins are plastered, much like a stud wall; so would a carpenter and a plaster be sufficient? Am I missing anything obvious wise MNers?

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inchyra Wed 28-Oct-20 15:42:59

It’s a carpenter and plasterer that you need - the carpenter will install the plasterboard and the plasterer will then skim over it. Ask the carpenter to put in the skirting board at the same time to save you a second bill.

Why are you doing it though? Those of us who live in Victorian houses spend a lot of money removing disused chimney breasts because they take up so much room and obstruct the light and a sensible and comfortable furniture layout!

Laralana Wed 28-Oct-20 15:57:19

Thanks so much @inchyra, that's really useful. I know, it seems rather ironic as I spent ££££ taking a couple out of a tiny old Edwardian terrace house a few years ago!
I'm planning it for a bedroom, luckily its a large room so I've got the space. Its such a boring space at the moment, I'm trying to add a bit of interest to the room.

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