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Removal companies

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Baxdream Wed 28-Oct-20 10:12:02

How do people manage to have short exchange to completion dates at the moment?
Removal companies seem to be booked up 2-3 weeks in advance!
Is this everywhere? I'm SE.

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AnnieMaul Wed 28-Oct-20 10:25:51

Any time i've moved house (which is a lot) the lead times have always been 2-3 weeks anyway for any removal company we spoke to (also SE)

We've previously been able to have provisional dates on hold with a deposit and then confirm once we get the green light. We have always exchanged and completed within a week of one another and haven't had any issues touch wood to date.

chukwe Wed 28-Oct-20 10:38:55

When I moved in August this year, I booked 5 days before completion.

There are a lot of removal companies. Many will be available few days before completion. I'm in SE London, Bexleyheath

Bluesheep8 Wed 28-Oct-20 13:56:15

Some ask for full payment. Make sure they offer a postponement policy if so.

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