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Charge for changing to new fixed term with existing lender

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Toddlerboozerepeat Tue 27-Oct-20 19:12:17

Is it normal to be charged over £1000 on a £500k mortgage to stay with the same lender and move onto a new interest rate which has gone up !!???

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Toddlerboozerepeat Tue 27-Oct-20 19:12:40

Feels better to remortgage and pay a fee for a better rate ? Why should I stay loyal

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dinosnorezzzz Tue 27-Oct-20 19:14:14

I wouldn't! For that I would swap what's the point in staying?

Toddlerboozerepeat Tue 27-Oct-20 19:23:47

How can they charge us each time the fix ends!!!

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SomeSmotheringDreams Tue 27-Oct-20 19:25:57

I'd say it's perfectly normal, it's always been like that in my experience. Presumably if you go to a different lender, there will be an application form to complete and you'll need to pay for a valuation.

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