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Anyone living on "The Bridge", in Dartford, close to Longreach Sewage Treatment WorksDartford ?

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changeyourdreams Tue 27-Oct-20 17:49:37

Hi there,

It's me again! I keep chaning my mind, as I've found another very nice house, in a nice reisdential place, in Dartford, which feels like a nice community around there, with all the houses privately owned.
The only bad thing, from what I've heard, is the traffic, and apparently this Longreach Sewage Treatment Works, which is just there as well.
Anyone living around there, or who knows the area, can give me some heads up about it?

Many thanks!

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FamBae Tue 27-Oct-20 20:17:57

I used to commute along the A206 coming from Erith direction when the first houses were being built, I remember just past the last roundabout before the crossing (the one before the actual crossing roundabout) there were terrible problems with flooding when it rained and a permanent pump was parked at the side of the road for a good few months if not years, it's all built on marshland hence Marsh Street, though I'm sure the builders have taken steps to make sure the houses are sound I personally would avoid that area.

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