Chimney stack removal

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patriciastar Mon 26-Oct-20 15:18:49

Can anyone advise on what the process is for removing a chimney stack? We've spoken with a builder and they've said we will need to check if planning permission is required. Would a structural engineer usually help with checking permissions etc, or should we try and contact the council planning office to check ourselves?

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Beebumble2 Mon 26-Oct-20 15:47:19

I’m assuming you mean the external stack. We did this last year, it involved Building Control approval. Fortunately DH is an Architect and could do the technical stuff for the approval. I would imagine a competent builder would be used to doing them.
The actual work involved scaffolding and careful brick removal. The important bit was the replacement that had to conform to the building regs.

goldierocks Mon 26-Oct-20 16:26:54


I had the chimneys removed from my house as part of a much larger renovation project, so I didn't need separate approval.

As Beebumble2 says, you'll need to meet building regulations. You are very unlikely to need planning permission, which is different/separate. If your architect is local, they should know the requirements for your area. Else the planning department of your local council will be able to tell you.

Are you in a detached? If not, you might need to adhere to the relevant party wall laws.

How are they planning to do the work? Hiring scaffolding can really increase the cost. I'd suggest asking them to take photos of your entire roof while they are up there, so you can check on the condition of your tiles/slates.

If you've got an old (Victorian) house then it's well worth selling on the bricks. Reclaimation companies charge up to £1 each for good quality Victorian bricks. I turned my old chimney bricks into my new front wall.

Definitely get a recommended tradesperson. The previous owners of my house had removed the back bedroom and dining room internal chimney breasts without adding support for the chimney stack itself. It was incredibly dangerous.

Good luck!

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