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Putting heating in a walk in wardrobe - cold and damp smelling

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GiraffeNecked Mon 26-Oct-20 06:59:53

Previous owners put in an en-suite and walk in wardrobe next to each other Bot are v cold in winter and clothes are starting to smell A bit damp.

Wardrobe is probably 150 cm by 250 cm. we are getting the en suite com0letely re done and I wondered about asking the plumbers to run a hot water pipe through the wardrobe as a mini radiator.

Is that a stupid idea? Is there another solution?

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FindMeInTheSunshine Mon 26-Oct-20 07:02:51

Sounds like a great idea. I'd ask the plumber for his advice as well though, if he's good he'll probably know the best thing to do.

Pikachubaby Mon 26-Oct-20 07:07:05

Check if the outside walls of en-suite/wardrobe are actually insulated,

If it’s just brick, it is hard to get rid of the damp as it’ll keep creeping back in through the wall

FredaFrogspawn Mon 26-Oct-20 07:14:29

I’d run a de-humidifier for an hour or so a day too.

GiraffeNecked Mon 26-Oct-20 07:25:33

It’s a 1908 stone wall, v v thick. No insulation, they are putting insulation in the en suite...

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Pikachubaby Mon 26-Oct-20 07:47:55

If you can’t insulate the wardrobe, you need really good ventilation (into your bedroom) + some kind of heater/dehumidifier (but the steam/humidity needs to be able to go somewhere)

Damp is such a bad smell

I have a few built in cupboards against thick brick wall (conservatory) and have just given up tbh, I put dehumidifying boxes in there and would pull out pints of water in a week or 2, could not get on top of it

Loofah01 Mon 26-Oct-20 08:41:27

En-suite requires ventilation plus get some vents put in to the wardrobes. Do your windows have trickle vents? You can dry line the back of the wardrobe perhaps, it might help a bit but you have to get rid of the moisture build up

CMOTDibbler Mon 26-Oct-20 08:45:38

I'd get a dehumidifier and run it on a timer in the wardrobe. It'll make it warmer and less damp

Alternista Mon 26-Oct-20 08:47:07

Under floor heating?
But yes, some sort of vent too.

GiraffeNecked Mon 26-Oct-20 08:49:06

The windows are single glazed original....they don’t need trickle vents!

En suite will be vented and insulated. Just wondered if a hot water pipe running through the en suite would help. But it might need a vent of some kind too.

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sunshinesupermum Mon 26-Oct-20 13:19:59

I have a radiator in my airing cupboard so yes it can be done - it doesn't have a vent and I rarely need to put it on. If your ensuite is being redone you may find the problem you currently have will go away.

PigletJohn Mon 26-Oct-20 20:22:51

you need a powerful extractor fan in the bathroom, with a timer so it runs on for 20 minutes after you turn the light off. Have you chosen one yet? Will it vent through a duct straight through the wall; or a vent passing above the ceiling that then goes out through the eaves? It can be difficult to core through stone walls.

Have you got a hot-water cylinder, and is it close to the wardrobe?

I might go for a towel-rail or a low radiator in the wardrobe. It can be fitted with a TRV so it does not get too hot.

Do you have solar panels?

Chumleymouse Mon 26-Oct-20 20:56:08

Get one of these on a timer ? Only 40 watts , like a lightbulb .

Al1langdownthecleghole Mon 26-Oct-20 21:16:55

We have a walk in cupboard in the corner of our bedroom with two outside north & east facing walls.

I'd say 95% of the year is absolutely fine, but for just a few colder days we tend to leave the light on (old 60w lightbulb) or if really cold we have a small oil filled radiator we put in for a few hours during the day.

GiraffeNecked Tue 27-Oct-20 08:03:57

It doesn’t need much. So maybe something like that heater would do.

@PigletJohn the new fan in the family bathroom is going through the roof, we had a velux put in and they put a vent in at the same time. There’s ducting through the roof in the en suite already so they are going to use that. Can’t remember what the fans are but we asked for decent ones on a timer.

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PigletJohn Tue 27-Oct-20 11:49:24

OK. Ventlation of the bathroom is especially important to remove the water vapour. Provided the bathroom door is kept shut it will draw dry air in through the gap under the door, and steam will not diffuse into the bedroom. If you can identify the fan used I can see how powerful it is.

Modern extractors with ball-bearing motors can be amazingly quiet, especially if they are mounted on a padded board on the loft, so you will not hear them through a solid door. For auditory privacy I recommend a solid core or fire door on an en-suite bathroom. Not a hollow one.

We don't know if you have a hot water cylinder. This is relevant because a towel rail or other heater can be plumbed to come on whenever the cylinder is heated, typically during and after a bath or shower. If you put a towel rail or radiator in the wardrobe, have a TRV on it. Don't dry damp clothes or towels in there.

The tubular heater mentioned is very suitable for keeping a wardrobe or other small area dry. I use one as an anti-frost measure under some pipes in the garage. The one illustrated is listed as having its own thermostat, but due to the low power requirement, pretty well any wall-mounted CH thermostat can be used. A thermostat means it will only run when cold, making it economical. I have solar panels, so it costs nothing in hours of daylight. They are supposed to get no hotter than a teapot, but I'd suggest getting the wire mesh protective cage, as you might not notice if a garment fell on it at the back of the wardrobe. There are various sizes, the longer ones give more heat.

You can also line the wall inside the wardrobe with insulating foam board, and this can be painted or wallpapered to match. Do not have gaps in the insulation as this is where condensation will form.

Loofah01 Tue 27-Oct-20 11:54:36

@GiraffeNecked if the moisture source isn't sorted then any additional heating isn't going to sort the damp out, it will just shift it about. Def go with a powerful extractor in the en-suite

GiraffeNecked Tue 27-Oct-20 12:00:23

We've got a megaflow... just been fitted.

We are getting TRV's fitted on every radiator.

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GiraffeNecked Tue 27-Oct-20 12:00:40

No solar. Though we are thinking about it.

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