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Can we put back to wall toilet on a painted wall?

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LongBlobson Sun 25-Oct-20 09:34:02

We're about to install a back to wall toilet in a small space. The cistern will be behind a stud wall, with an access panel above the toilet.

We're just thinking about how to finish the bit of wall that the toilet is actually against - would it be ok to just have a painted wall, or should we tile it? Mostly imagining where the wee will go when small boys miss the bowl...

The paint is the Dulux extra tough washable stuff, which we've not used before and we're hoping would be fine. But we still have the option to just tile the bottom section of that wall with some white tiles.

What's the best option? Cleaning a painted wall, or cleaning a tiled wall?

We don't really want a big panel behind there as we already have the access panel and then a cupboard set into the wall above, so another panel would look strange.

Any advice appreciated!

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LongBlobson Thu 29-Oct-20 09:42:04


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Chickentraybake Thu 29-Oct-20 09:48:44

We did this (but not hidden cistern) but ended up tiling it 6 months later as it looked terrible even on washable paint. Now with tiles we can quickly wipe it down.

justgeton Thu 29-Oct-20 13:00:25


I am the mother of boys.

LongBlobson Mon 02-Nov-20 16:57:31

Thanks both smile

We have taken your advice and decided to go with tiles, even though it means doing without the downstairs toilet for a bit longer. Better to do it now than be redoing it all later!

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