Freezer drawer left open. Temp stuck at -8

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KinderWild Sun 18-Oct-20 17:22:15

Hi - we have a Haier fridge freezer. With two large drawers at bottom. 5 year old got ice cream. Couldn't shut the freezer drawer. Left it wide open for around 30 mins, temp was reading at -8. I have increased the target temp to -24 (was -18). That was two hours ago. It is still at -8.
I have read that in a frost free fridge freezer the air ducts can get blocked and the solution is to defrost it. But could this really happen in 30 mins?

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TobyHouseMan Sun 18-Oct-20 18:16:49

Yes it can if you're unlucky. Take everything out, put in in a pile on the floor and cover with a blanket. Switch the freezer off and leave the door open. A fan blowing into the open door will speed the defrosting.

It's happened to use a few times and it's a pain sad

PigletJohn Sun 18-Oct-20 18:17:56


sadly I think you will need a manual defrost.

you will need to take out all the food and eat it, or put it in a neighbor's freezer, or pack it tightly in a carboard box wrapped in a duvet, then uplug the FF, and leave it, with both doors open, for 24 hours or until water stops dripping into the cabinet and into the collection dish round the back.

You need to be especially careful with frozen meat products. Frozen chips and vegs AFAIK are less prone to going bad quickly.

If you turn it on before it has melted out, you have wasted your time.


KinderWild Sun 18-Oct-20 18:22:10

Thanks both. Gah!
My thinking is. It's sitting comfortably at -8 now. We can leave it like that overnight. Let the meat defrost,take it out and do a batch cook tomorrow/give things to neighbours to cook. And then freeze the batch cooked things. Does this sound okay?!

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