Attractive fire doors......have I more chance of finding a unicorn?

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Moveslikedragon Sat 17-Oct-20 21:58:15

I’m looking for the fire door equivalent of the door in the photo. I’m not having any joy in this search. At all.

I don’t need the coloured glass but I really like the door style with the 9 sections of glass.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, please do!!!!

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TheGreatWave Sat 17-Oct-20 22:27:21

I can't find the 9 sections of glass but I have found this - most are either solid or very commercial looking.

We had doors from them years ago when we had work done in our old house - I think we probably ordered through Travis Perkins.

PigletJohn Sun 18-Oct-20 07:13:27

Fire resisting glass is startlingly expensive.

minipie Sun 18-Oct-20 22:50:08

What PigletJohn said. Your best bet is probably finding the right style of door with any old glass and then get a glazer to replace with fire glass - but it will cost so get a quote from the glazer first...

PigletJohn Sun 18-Oct-20 23:01:46

I don't clearly remember, but I have an idea that a certified fire door must be certified by the factory, including the fitting of any fire resisting glass, and it must not be altered or cut (outside small limits) or the certification is lost.

I see nothing in the standard designs

PigletJohn Sun 18-Oct-20 23:03:48

here's an example

PigletJohn Sun 18-Oct-20 23:04:18

look at the price!


mangocoveredlamb Mon 19-Oct-20 00:06:39

Are you completely wedded to the glass?
We used to live in a 30s house and had a big standard fire door fitted. Our carpenter then used beading to make it look similar to the rest of the internal doors (it wasn’t exactly the same but worked v well)

cunningplan101 Mon 19-Oct-20 00:15:12

There's a company called Period Projects who make period-style doors out of reclaimed pine:

They do make very similar doors to the picture you added and they make fire doors; though in the case of a fire door, I think they would make it with one sheet of fire-rated glass and then add wooden glazing strips over the top. They could also possibly add the colouring & stars - you could contact them to ask.

But yes, it won't be cheap; probably around £1000.

cunningplan101 Mon 19-Oct-20 00:18:00

Oh just read your OP again and seen you don't need the coloured glass. They would definitely be able to do make a replica of that door then, but just with the limitation of one pane plus overlaid bars rather than nine separate sections.

LittleWingSoul Mon 19-Oct-20 00:29:09

Love the door @Moveslikedragon! We have them in our renovated victorian house, but with wired in smoke detectors so no need for fire door building regs. Is that a possibility? If it is, we found the door from Wickes, it is called Truro. Then I bought stained glass window film from brume to do the edges (no statburst corners, sadly!) If you found a similar fire resistant style, you could still imitate the stained glass, at least!

I love this style of door so much!

Moveslikedragon Fri 23-Oct-20 21:51:38

Thank you! I’m going to investigate the wired smoke alarm option and period projects firm too.

There’s been no mention of wired alarms so I wonder if they’re hideously expensive....🙈

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Moveslikedragon Fri 23-Oct-20 22:43:59

No mention of wired alarms from my builder is what I was trying to say!

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LittleWingSoul Sat 24-Oct-20 01:51:25

I don't think it would be more expensive than several glazed fire doors @Moveslikedragon Do you want that style of door throughout? That's what we've done... It really helps with extra light - old houses can be quite dark

Chumleymouse Sat 24-Oct-20 06:27:42

Wired smoke alarms are not expensive , but it can be difficult getting the wires where they need to go , floors up, carpets up . Depends on your house. ( bungalows are easy )

Doryhunky Sat 24-Oct-20 07:46:59

I avoided the requirement for fire doors by having fire alarms wired in every room.

wineymummy Sat 24-Oct-20 07:58:40

Try for a good selection of fire doors, none that match your door though.

Moveslikedragon Fri 30-Oct-20 06:18:11

Thanks for all of your help. I’ve got a quote now for the type of door I want (over £1000) so I’ll have to ponder this carefully!!

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