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SABRK Thu 15-Oct-20 22:02:48

Im new to this site and looking for information on moving to Arlesey.

Im planning to buy a new build house from a good builder in Arlesey. Is it worth moving there? Is it safe , first and foremost factor? I dont need to travel and so not worried ant ttaveling to Hitchin. Pastreviews of Arlesey were not positive and that was few years back. Has itgot changed for good or still the same? Any input on Arlesey is appreciated. Much thanks. Hoping to read reviews soon. Many thanks in advance.

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pfb12345 Sun 18-Oct-20 11:00:39


Read this the other day and finding time to reply now.
Arlesey would not be top of my list of places to live in that immediate area if I could help it.

Henlow Clifton Langford Lower Stondon all nicer in my opinion.
Stotfold / Fairfeild also nicer but larger.

Historically it has its poorer reputation due to antisocial behaviour, probably not helped by the train line making it easy for groups of teens to move around on their own. It has areas of housing that were considered to be roads you wouldn't want to live in. I would say it still holds this reputation locally but I am not actually sure if any statistics would back it up.

On the other hand it is still a small town and has good transport links with the station there and close to the A507 to get you to the motorway so guess it depends what is important to you, though you say you don't need to travel for work or whatever you will for anything else leisurewise as it will all be out of Arlesey.

In summary, I would look at other options though I know its easy to say that and much harder to possibly find what else you need or want within a budget.

Bookymcbook Sun 18-Oct-20 11:08:22

I live near to Arlesey and would agree with what pfb12345 has said about a history of anti-social behaviour there. If you don't need convenient access to the train station then I would look elsewhere.

There is a lot of new building going on in other local villages such as Henlow and Lower Stondon, so it may be worth checking out whether there is anything suitable within your budget.

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