Crown Period Colours Ballet Shoes

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FlouncingBabooshka Fri 09-Oct-20 20:42:55

Has anyone used this colour? I’m looking for a very muted pink. It has to be Crown or Dulux (insurance job) and this looks like it’s just what I’m after. I can’t get a tester anywhere and I’m worried it will be nothing like the picture and will turn out to be too girly, pastel-y, sugary.

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Melonportal Fri 09-Oct-20 21:01:42

I don't know about ballet shoes but I used to have Crown creme de la rose in my living room. It was fairly subtle for pink.

FlouncingBabooshka Fri 09-Oct-20 21:45:56

Thanks Melonportal, Creme de la Rose definitely look like a stronger pink on screen so if it’s quite subtle that should bode well for Ballet Shoes not being too pink.

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Gilmoregoals Fri 09-Oct-20 22:22:09

My daughter has ballet shoes in her bedroom. I really like it and I generally don't like pink. It's quite muted. It certainly doesn't have that candy floss pink vibe.
I can try and get a picture in the morning, but as we all know it may look very different in one room to the next...

Murmurur Fri 09-Oct-20 22:27:32

No I haven't, but if you are after other suggestions then Dulux Almost Oyster is a neutral with a subtle pinkish hue.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 09-Oct-20 23:07:50

I thought Dulux Insurance Job was a shade ...... blush

(Mind you with some of the names F&B have I can be excused )

Murmurur Sat 10-Oct-20 09:57:18



FlouncingBabooshka Sat 10-Oct-20 10:41:29

@Gilmoregoals, thank you, I’d really appreciate that if you get a chance.

Thank @Murmurur, I’ll take a look.

@70isaLimitNotaTarget But would Insurance Job look good with my F&B Dirty Dish Cloth and Dead Wombat? grin

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Gilmoregoals Sat 10-Oct-20 11:31:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gilmoregoals Sat 10-Oct-20 11:32:06

The door area is furthest from the windows, hence it looks a bit darker, but I reckon the colour is closest to the first picture!

FlouncingBabooshka Sat 10-Oct-20 12:10:05

@Gilmoregoals thanks so much for posting those pictures. I’ve never understood why there’s no facility to attach to PMs.

The colour looks great. I feel reassured we’re not going to end up in Barbie Hell! grin

Really appreciate your help, thank you.

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DaisyandRoses Sat 10-Oct-20 12:13:54

You 100% need Dulux Blush Pink! It’s such a lovely understated pink. We have it in our bedroom and DH even wants it in the kitchen when we move so it definitely isn’t too ott!

FlouncingBabooshka Sat 10-Oct-20 12:52:53

@DaisyandRoses - oh no! I thought I’d made up my mind! I can’t find Blush Pink shown in a room setting online but it does look rather lovely on the swatch...🤔🤔🤔

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