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Moving out of London - please help!

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Mivemove Wed 07-Oct-20 23:15:50

I have been following posts here for quite some time. We have finally decided to buy a house. We are first time buyers and it's a very big decision for us. So hoping to make a right one. Our budget is maximum 700k for a good size 3 bedroom house with a garden.
I will really appreciate your inputs on the areas we can move to. We are not from here and have no family here, so we have no idea about the areas. We are looking at a commute time of 45-50mins to Warren street/kings cross station.
We have a five year old daughter and school is definitely a priority for us. We want a good primary school. I understand that most people recommend looking at secondary schools as well but we might not stay here for that long. However, having grammar schools around is definitely a plus and should make the house more saleable when we want to sell it. But primary school is our priority. We are looking at state schools but are open to not so expensive independent schools.
- We like having access to green spaces, playgrounds etc but we aren't big on outdoors so don't need a lot of it as well.
- We like having neighborhood cafes, shops etc. So a good high-street would be nice.
- Don't want it to be very rural. We do need good internet connection etc.
We loved St. Albans but I think we are priced out there. We visited Watford, it seemed alright. Any other areas in Hertfordshire? Someone recommended Kent to us as well. We are just so overwhelmed! Please help us shortlist some areas!

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KoalaRabbit Thu 08-Oct-20 00:29:23

Hertford or Ware maybe worth a look and maybe Bishops Stortford. Think those all go into Liverpool Street though Hertford has two stations and I believe Hertford North goes into Kings Cross.

JoJoSM2 Thu 08-Oct-20 02:42:56

If you feel you might stay here for less than 5 years, then are you sure you want to buy? Buying and selling seems like a lot of hassle and expense if you aren’t staying long-term.

Given that you don’t want to live rurally, aren’t outdoorsy etc why don’t you just stay in London? There are places with lovely high streets and parks in zone 3 that you can afford eg Wanstead or Blackheath.

School-wise, you’ll be looking at ‘in-year’ admissions so can’t be guaranteed the school you want but the LA will find you a place somewhere. In terms of independent schools, I don’t think there’s much difference in fees between London and the commuter belt.

JoJoSM2 Thu 08-Oct-20 02:43:58

That’s where you’ll find school stats.

KoalaRabbit Thu 08-Oct-20 05:46:20

I've heard Berkhamstead is lovely though never been.

AmandaHugenkiss Thu 08-Oct-20 07:31:48

St Albans, Ware, Hemel Hempstead and Hertford fit the bill I think. I looked at Watford and it’s fine, some colleagues live there and love it but it wasn’t for me.

Hertford has two lines, the main Hertford line goes in to Kings Cross and the other goes in to Liverpool St and Tottenham Hale, both good for Victoria line to Warren St. Good if one line has issues you can still get home.

I have friends with children in Hertford and they love it. It’s large enough to have a good restaurant choice and cinema, shopping, bars etc but small enough to still feel high streety if that makes sense.

NewHouseNewMe Thu 08-Oct-20 08:59:39

I would also stay in London but head to the outer burbs where you get a semi-detached house. Somewhere like Stanmore or Barnet would be a great start - you'd be priced out of Mill Hill, Winchmore Hill, Whetstone, Radlett etc. But look a little further as Barnet in particular is on the up and has great schools and green countryside all around.
Best of both worlds..

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