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Would another lockdown put you off viewing property?

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Mum2b2020 Tue 06-Oct-20 17:27:22

Just that really...The plan is for our house in the south east to go on the market the middle of next week with viewings taking place on the Saturday (17th) and probably Saturday after (24th). If London goes into lockdown soon as the rumours are suggesting, would that put you off going to view a property?

I'm conscious it's never good for a property to sit on the market for a long time so I'm wondering whether to hold off until after the lockdown or not.

Our house is likely to appeal to first time buyers if that makes a difference.

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ramblingsonthego Tue 06-Oct-20 17:30:27

Just get it on the market ASAP and let viewers view as soon as it is on the market. Why wait and give specific days? Just crack on and try and get it sold before any local lockdowns.

HolA13 Tue 06-Oct-20 20:52:35

Nope. We were in local lockdown when we marketed, sold & viewed other houses. It was fine. Everyone wore masks. Viewings were relatively brief & distanced. All was well.

KoalaRabbit Wed 07-Oct-20 02:09:57

We've recently put ours on the market - our EA advised that we weren't missing much by not having it on in lockdown. Advantage of now is stamp duty exemption. In our area the market has slowed down a lot with very little going on and very little selling.

If you've got an easy to sell house - all in good condition, 3+ double bedrooms, good sized garden they are selling in 2 weeks by us if priced correctly but others are taking months and would be at risk of sticking if another lockdown. Maybe get an EA out and see what they say - I would go on with an easy to sell house, less sure with more difficult to sell but it maybe a couple of years before market is stronger so how long can you wait.

CatAndHisKit Wed 07-Oct-20 02:26:09

I wouldn't be put off at all, but I worry that the viewings will not be allowed. If there is a no household mixing/visits, why would they allow many strangers to visit?

I'm looking atm and really worry that the area will go into stricter rules soon.

CustardyCreams Wed 07-Oct-20 03:02:37

Yes it would put me off entirely

KoalaRabbit Wed 07-Oct-20 03:56:27

If covid hospitalisations get really high again and I was looking (am not) would be put off viewing unless property was empty. I would also worry about it not being allowed.

Giantsausageroll Wed 07-Oct-20 03:59:35

What's going to happen with moving during local or national lockdowns? Are removal companies going to work?

Savemyusername Wed 07-Oct-20 04:07:41

I am thinking of moving but waiting until the spring because I am in a local lockdown area.

fatfacesellcupstoo Wed 07-Oct-20 04:29:56

I accepted an offer just before lockdown. I hadn't found a property myself and during lockdown was unable to view anything. My buyers were unable to have another viewing of my house until lockdown rules finished. Also removal firms were unwilling to work in my area until lockdown had finished
So to answer your question Yes lockdown would put me off viewing a house

KoalaRabbit Wed 07-Oct-20 05:35:06

I'ld be wary of anything requiring renovation as we were about to do roofing and chimney work when lockdown started and both got held up for months, not being done to July / August due to delays in planning of several months, some companies being shut (bricks and mortar for us as specialist) and some companies operating with minimal staff - roofing company was at 20%.

IheartNiles Wed 07-Oct-20 05:56:51

There won’t be any further long lockdowns.

HolA13 Wed 07-Oct-20 08:53:52

@CatAndHisKit -in local lockdowns, viewings can go ahead as normal. It’s not affected by it being illegal to have family in your house.. I was tempted to invite my mum & dad round for a viewing 🙄😂

I can’t speak for a national lockdown but local lockdowns, moving itself is going ahead as normal. Removal companies are operating as normal, we’ve booked a full packing service. The rules also state we are allowed anyone in our house to facilitate a house move. So my parents & in-laws will be coming help as we need people to help pack & look after our kids!

HolA13 Wed 07-Oct-20 08:54:59

Why @Savemyusername - everything is operating as normal? Take advantage of the stamp duty holiday!

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