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What is this thing in the bathroom?

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ifIwerenotanandroid Tue 06-Oct-20 16:37:07

So, I'm checking out some EuroMillions houses (I live in hope) & found an unusual one. But what is this, in the bathroom? I thought it must be a radiator but there's one already.

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Mamette Tue 06-Oct-20 16:38:27

I think it’s a towel holder- it has little hooks coming out of it.

It would look great in a skip imo.

Justmuddlingalong Tue 06-Oct-20 16:38:28

Towel/dressing gown holder?

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 06-Oct-20 16:38:33

Looks like it has little hooks on it confused maybe for clothes or towels. Bit big right enough.

ifIwerenotanandroid Tue 06-Oct-20 16:39:16

The kitchen had an odd arrangement, too. I've always wanted a kitchen with two separate sinks, but not like this.

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ifIwerenotanandroid Tue 06-Oct-20 16:40:02


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LesLavandes Tue 06-Oct-20 16:40:25

Both pics horrible

Justmuddlingalong Tue 06-Oct-20 16:40:35

2 sinks and no draining board. Send us the link for a nosey please.

ifIwerenotanandroid Tue 06-Oct-20 16:42:25


2 sinks and no draining board. Send us the link for a nosey please.

Your wish is my command.

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PigletJohn Tue 06-Oct-20 16:44:28

stupid waste of space it what it is.
I think they use it to take gouges out of their skin when they brush past it.

Where do they put their bidet towels and spare bog rolls?

Why have they got illegal electric sockets less than 3m from the bath?

Nice tiles.

isthismylifenow Tue 06-Oct-20 16:45:20

And what is that on the wall above the bidet? Can't be a hook over a bidet surely.

It's a bit odd.

Justmuddlingalong Tue 06-Oct-20 16:47:53

Thanks for the link, ifIwerenotanandroid. The views are fabulous, but if I was selling it, I'd want more than those crappy photos for a property with a guide price of 1.75 million quid. I've decided I'm not putting an offer in, I don't like the 2 sinks. 😉

PigletJohn Tue 06-Oct-20 16:49:17


Do you mean the white flushing button?

Or the picture lamp?

rbe78 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:49:48

Never mind the bathroom, can we talk about the three armchairs arranged around the foot of the bed?!

ifIwerenotanandroid Tue 06-Oct-20 16:52:21

I can't decide. It's an incredible spot but I think you'd get people on the coastal path or wandering up out of Lulworth, knocking on the door the whole time, asking for directions or to use the loo. Or because they'd been bitten by an adder. (I remember riding on heathland once & coming across a cottage with a sign outside saying DO NOT knock on the door if you've been bitten by an adder, do XYZ instead.)

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picklemewalnuts Tue 06-Oct-20 16:53:06

The kitchen looks like a gothic morgue. Not my cup of tea.

mrsfeatherbottom Tue 06-Oct-20 16:53:08

That kitchen has clearly been designed by someone who doesn't use a kitchen daily. We used to have a house with a range boxed off like that and it was a total pain. Sinks with no drainers ...?!

picklemewalnuts Tue 06-Oct-20 16:56:17

Beautiful spot, but it has the air of abandoned victorian asylum about it. The three chairs observing the bed must be for medics watching the poor abused patient.

HardAsSnails Tue 06-Oct-20 16:56:20

And what's with the array of armchairs in the bedroom?

isthismylifenow Tue 06-Oct-20 16:57:10



Do you mean the white flushing button?

Or the picture lamp?

Ooh must be a picture lamp. The silver item higher up on the wall.

Have we established what the silver pipe art item is yet?

ifIwerenotanandroid Tue 06-Oct-20 16:57:50

I hadn't noticed the armchairs - there's another one off to the side, LOL. I refuse to speculate.

re: kitchen design - actually, there's a housekeeper's room & a chauffer's room on the plans.

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KaptainKaveman Tue 06-Oct-20 16:59:38

How hideous! it looks a bit like the SFX in Terminator 2.

Justmuddlingalong Tue 06-Oct-20 17:00:59

I bet the postperson is grateful for the post box at the bottom of all those stairs up to the front door.

DuesToTheDirt Tue 06-Oct-20 17:01:16

Lots of photos of the views and not many of the interior. Hmm, wonder why...?

whoopma Tue 06-Oct-20 17:02:31

Amazing view but the decor is dreadful.

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