A few renovation questions

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Skittlebug Tue 29-Sep-20 08:34:26

Well I have a series of questions, didn’t know whether to make one thread or several so I’ll just put them on one and see how it goes:

A) Moving location of gas cooker- previous owners moved kitchen to a small lean-to extension, I wanted to put the kitchen back in the actual kitchen but this involves moving the gas cooker, has anyone does this? Is it possible/expensive? Also there’ll be no window to outside just a window to the extension to let steam out, will this work?

B) changing roof of lean-to from Perspex to something more roof-like

C) Are two tiny rooms better than one big room? Should I knock thru to make one huge living room/play area?

D) Survey came back with inadequate underfloor ventilation, how is this rectified?

Any experience/knowledge/advice would be most appreciated thanks!!

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