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Rose gold taps and silver shower

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Zandana123 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:30:09

Hi all, my wife is pretty set on rose gold taps having seen a few pictures on Pinterest (in wall type over basin, and similar over bath). Struggling to find where to get them.

Also, our bathroom chap thinks they might look a bit odd with the separate chrome shower enclosure, shower head, controls etc.

Any thoughts?

Layout in pictures. Will now be single sink as can't fit the big vanity in. Toilet may end up in the right side wall too rather than being a corner loo

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bluejelly Mon 28-Sep-20 18:32:36

Normally you'd only use one kind of metal with fittings. But if you're keen, why not mix it up?

nomdeguerrrr Mon 28-Sep-20 20:17:59

Lusso stone do rose gold taps, showers etc. If you don't want to mix metallic shades for the enclosure, what about black?, I haven't seen a rose gold shower quadrant.

Zandana123 Mon 28-Sep-20 22:14:49

Lusso any good? Seen Victorian plumbing have some from arezzo or something but never heard of them

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Zandana123 Mon 28-Sep-20 23:01:56

The lusso one looks more gold than rosey to be honest. Not sure if it's just the pictures

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Pipandmum Mon 28-Sep-20 23:06:52

That toilet doesn't sit well next to the shower and you have no space for double vanity. I'd do shower over bath, move the double vanity to opposite bath (allowing space for one person to use bath/shower while another is using sink). Toilet on wall opposite door. Taps and shower etc must match and be similiar in style. Much roomier.

Guymere Mon 28-Sep-20 23:13:48

Always match taps and shower fittings if you can. Certainly don’t add in gold! I think this bathroom will be cramped with everything in it. It’s only 2m wide presumably if just a bath fits in. Cleaning behind a free standing in that position will be hard work too.

I’d probably go for a large bath/shower where the bath is and free up the other space for the sinks and loo and storage. You have little storage. I’m not a fan of corner showers. I’ve got one but it’s not great. If this is an en suite, have a luxurious walk in shower!

LittleWingSoul Tue 29-Sep-20 00:56:45

Other than moving the toilet out of the corner and onto the wall as you suggested OP, I think the layout looks good. We have a similar size bathroom and on the plans everything looked cramped but in reality it is actually reasonably spacious and we could have gone for the much wider sink I originally wanted.

Re Rose gold taps, it's bound to be some sort of plated finish that will be hard work to clean without scrubbing the finish off. If you went for brass that will be much easier to clean and I've definitely seen brass for shower, sink wastes etc on Victoria plumb and that other big website that sounds the same but whose name I can't remember!

Zandana123 Tue 29-Sep-20 07:47:11

Thanks for the ideas and feedback.

Strangely, the quadrant shower with the corner toilet is identical to our last house en suite almost to the mm, so we know there is space. The wall next to toilet was angled (triangular room) whereas here it's straight so should be fine, or could be moved straight next to shower.

Yes double sink vanity is too big. So that's going from a 1200 to a 1000 or smaller without the double sink.

Bath is d shape with one side fixed to wall.

This plan actually involves moving the door from the corner of the room where the shower is on the pic to the middle.

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Willow4987 Tue 29-Sep-20 07:50:31

Personally I agree that rose gold and silver will look odd

It might look better with black shower and rose gold taps. Or black taps as well

HasaDigaEebowai Tue 29-Sep-20 07:50:41

Mixed metals are on trend at the moment but you would need to do it properly for it to work (and keep in mind that it is likely to be a fairly short lived trend). Not just have a random silver shower with gold/rose gold taps

We've just done our en suite with brushed brass and were able to find everything in the same colour. might be a better option?

Smallgoon Tue 29-Sep-20 10:00:13

I'd avoid the Arezzo ones if I were you. I got my black taps from there and the shower handset is already starting to peel (it's only been a few months). I imagine the Lusso ones will be of much better quality.

NotMeNoNo Tue 29-Sep-20 20:13:50

I feel like an old codger but I am 99% sure rose gold effect taps will 1. date and 2. wear badly. Ift they are fitted to the bath/basin they will be easier to replace. Maybe get rose gold accessories if you want more matching items.

Zandana123 Wed 30-Sep-20 21:09:57

New plan. I've modelled a new layout following some of the feedback from you lovely folk.

Not having rose gold taps will lead to a divorce so they're staying, and we've ordered the lusso ones. 15 year warranty on them so hopefully they'll be ok! Two sets of taps, wastes, bath waste, and shower/bath head/hose/spout.

Chrome corner shower is out, and double vanity back in, which is something my wife wanted all along too.

Found a merlyn shower screen with black fittings, which should hopefully look smart with the rose gold.

To box in the soil stack we've got the ledge at the back, and boxing all along to make a shelf we can put trinkets on, with hidden cistern.

Any other feedback much appreciated! Only got a week or so to finalise this as we got a date for late October fitting

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HasaDigaEebowai Thu 01-Oct-20 08:17:38

Its a better layout imo (although I would generally try to avoid having the toilet facing the door like that).

PigletJohn Thu 01-Oct-20 09:06:17

Nothing is as durable as chrome, so when the gold plate wears off you can have matching taps again.

Guymere Thu 01-Oct-20 09:45:19

Keeping the new layout allows for storage on the loo wall. I would also ensure your radiator is next to the bath! Not the other side of the room. You want a handy warm towel when you get out of the bath/shower. If you have storage above the basins, that helps too. We have a very large lit mirror cupboard and storage for towels under the vanity. All my makeup, toiletries, loo rolls etc go into a wall hung cupboard that matches the vanity - Duravit.

Notyetthere Thu 01-Oct-20 09:58:49


Its a better layout imo (although I would generally try to avoid having the toilet facing the door like that).


Better layout with plenty of circulation space.

Toilet directly opposite the door isn't great.Can you switch it round?

Srictlybakeoff Thu 01-Oct-20 10:03:02

We had a double vanity and removed it when we changed our bathroom. Just seemed totally pointless and gave me more to clean. I wouldn’t bother personally ,esp if space was a bit limited. I think rose gold will date quickly , and look odd with silver

Zandana123 Thu 01-Oct-20 12:09:20

Yeah can't have it all! No other location for the toilet with double vanity and so. As I say my wife had her heart set on them and who am I to deny her 😀

Noted on plated taps, I voiced the same concern but she's set on them. Similarly with taps built into the wall and maintenance/replacement issues but such is aesthetics over function!

Interesting about the toilet radiator. I'd put it next to the sink as primarily it'll be an occasional/guest shower, and for bathing kids. So a natural place to hang towels. Probably will put a hook on the wall next to the window at the back of the bath.
Has to be a pretty big rad to heat the room too. 1500x500 I think had the required btu

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Zandana123 Thu 01-Oct-20 12:10:57

Good idea about matching wall storage. May be able to put something up on the wall at the back. Quite liked it open but yeh got to have some practicality.

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