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Gigglr Sun 27-Sep-20 20:39:20

We moved from London to Oxfordshire a year ago and have explored a bit of Wiltshire. It seems a lot cheaper in terms of house prices. Friends of ours have said it's very conservative. Any opinions?

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bluejelly Mon 28-Sep-20 18:31:19

I'd agree it is pretty Conservative. How important is that to you?

Ginfordinner Mon 28-Sep-20 18:33:06

Politically or in outlook?

Gigglr Mon 28-Sep-20 19:37:48

I think it is fairly important to us. Any more liberal pockets of Wiltshire to be found?

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fussychica Mon 28-Sep-20 20:54:07

Frome, just over the border in Somerset, always comes out well in Best Places to live awards. It has a bit of an arty vibe and has a farmer's market etc.
I think you'll find most of the South West, apart from the cities, far less diverse than many other areas and politically it's generally quite Conservative. Bath is Lib Dem but isn't Wiltshire though it's our nearest city.
I live in West Wilts and can confirm property is very well priced here. 4 bed detached in a good area for around £325 - 400k. HTH.

SueGeneris Mon 28-Sep-20 23:50:55

Interesting. I live in Wiltshire, in a Conservative seat, but am not Conservative myself and nor are my friends, so far as I glean from conversation anyway! Ditto my street, on the whole, I would say. I know a diverse range of people here, different nationalities and occupations from medical, education, tech, and the arts.
I am not able to compare bigger cities though - have lived here a good 10 years. I am not sure how being a Conservative seat affects us more widely day to day, other than being unable to swing it away from that direction at the ballot box.
I think probably you will find liberal minded friends wherever you choose to live.
It is a pretty area with lovely light and the north part links well to London etc. I can walk from my house and catch a train to London/Bath/Bristol in 10 mins, am 5 mins drive from the M4 motorway.
I’m in a small town rather than village though - I don’t know if villages are more Conservative.
Look at Marlborough, Devizes, Box, Corsham.

Porridgeoat Tue 29-Sep-20 07:45:22

Look on the Stroud valleys

Porridgeoat Tue 29-Sep-20 07:45:58


Gigglr Tue 29-Sep-20 09:19:35

Good independent schools will be at the top of the list. A garden of at least .5acre hopefully more. The edge of a town where we could walk to a few shops would fabulous but I reckon I'm asking for the moon on a stick.

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sbplanet Tue 29-Sep-20 10:07:17

There's plenty of Liberal/liberal views in Wiltshire, just not in big enough quantities in one area - see no ghettos! ;) As for independent schools there's a good one in Marlborough :D and one I sometimes drive past near Market Lavington.
Whatever your political leanings as an ex-Northerner I've found Wiltshire folk to be mostly friendly, but then I live in a little village not say Chippenham or Trowbridge. smile

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