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Stone sink - lusso stone alternative

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themummyway Sat 26-Sep-20 18:08:38

I absolutely adore Lusso Stone sinks but can't bare to part with that much cash over a sink, of all things!

Does anyone know where I can get similar designs but at a cheaper price?

I'm particularly interested in these two:

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MillStone Sat 26-Sep-20 18:31:27

Sorry I don’t have an alternative suggestion for you but I do have a Lusso sink.

I’ve got a wall hung vanity unit sink and it’s lovely quality and worth the price.

Mosaic123 Sat 26-Sep-20 18:44:42

They are indeed very beautiful but I like closed in storage.

minipie Sat 26-Sep-20 18:48:37

Those sharp edges on the sink interior are going to be a PITA to keep clean.

I have a Lusso sink and it’s a curved design (Dorchester vanity) and it’s hard enough to keep clean due to being a matt surface. I definitely wouldn’t go for matt and sharp edges.

Sorry not what you asked!

minipie Sat 26-Sep-20 18:49:43

You might like these people OP, we have the oval one.

minipie Sat 26-Sep-20 18:51:28

This is cheaper than Lusso and stone resin (but I wouldn’t due to the sharp edges)

minipie Sat 26-Sep-20 18:52:54

Or these people

MillStone Sat 26-Sep-20 19:15:25

My vanity is matt and has sharp edges and it is a pain to clean. But it looks pretty 😂

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