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Tell me about Woodbridge

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800msprint Sat 26-Sep-20 16:32:29

I do actually know it well to visit but I don’t live in the area. Considering moving to be closer to ageing parents. I do like being close to London and obviously there is no big city near to Woodbridge. I know Ipswich is close but so many people are so negative about there. I love being able to access art galleries and museums and also see friends. And just I like London. But I do also love being close to the sea and I like the idea of an arty less frantic liberal small place to live and bring the kids up in. Is this Woodbridge? Or would I find it stuffy and conservative? Is there a good community feel or does everyone keep to themselves? Is it Brexit land? I don’t mind different values fine but I don’t want to live somewhere which is out and out proud does that make sense? I need to also fit in. Are there lots of families or is it mainly elderly retirees? I definitely love visiting but it’s whether it’s the right place to actually move to. Is it right the train line is still change at Ipswich to London. Will this ever change again? We will need to commute in 1-2 week maybe less. I also know Woodbridge and Ipswich schools are v good. If I ever have any chance of getting into state primaries which are the better ones? And finally do many people live rural to Woodbridge and manage the commute irregularly or is that madness? As I’m also aware of how £££ the place is!!! Thanking you so much

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feetfreckles Sat 26-Sep-20 16:46:49

Very quaint, pretty, nice walk by river, very posh though, high street nice , schools good, very expensive. You would probably travel to Ipswich for supermarket , John Lewis ( homeward only ) and such

Ipswich train service to London is good. The Woodbridge trains to Ipswich less frequent and less reliable

Have you considered east Ipswich & kesgrave areas? Good areas, much Easier links to Ipswich station, good schools, and generally more normal people.

Roselilly36 Sat 26-Sep-20 17:01:48

We stayed there a few years back, if you like London you will feel at home, lots of second home owners from London. Woodbridge has a lot going for it, but we didn’t find it particularly friendly if I am honest, we stayed during school summer hols though, perhaps the locals get fed up with tourists. We wouldn’t go back. Although I thought we would love it on first impressions. Good luck with your move.

tryingtorun Sat 26-Sep-20 17:13:57

I live very close by, feel free to pm me. Not so sure about the commuting aspect but I am sure there are people who commute to London from Woodbridge(maybe not so much now though). Woodbridge has a supermarket but 5 minutes away is Tesco and M&S food hall. Schools are great. What is your budget?

feetfreckles Sat 26-Sep-20 17:22:48

The supermarket in Woodbridge is small and pricy...some good little shops though

5 mins to Tesco's ....very traffic dependent !

800msprint Sat 26-Sep-20 19:26:50

Thanks for the feedback. Are there many families there and things going on? My mum thinks it would be too quiet and oap for me. I’m just trying to get a feel for the place. Interesting @Roselilly36 you didn’t find it friendly. I have heard very mixed things about Suffolk really but I suppose everyone is different and has different experiences. I think in all honesty it might be too quiet for me even though I really want to want that life with my kids. More input welcome!

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feetfreckles Sat 26-Sep-20 19:39:00

Suffolk locals are not terribly welcoming imo. I have lived here 30 years, but my friends are also in-comers in the main. If the neighbour talks to you, ask where they are from originally.

Culture...bury, Norwich, Cambridge ..all easy to get to, as is London. The new Wolsey theatre in Ipswich is excellent , I really hope it survives. I'd take their productions over a London show.

Guymere Sat 26-Sep-20 20:45:04

Friends have been there for 25 years. They love it. They live in Melton which is definitely a family area.

They go to church and DC went to a C of E Primary. Followed by Farlingaye school. They couldn’t have been happier with both schools. DC enjoyed sailing clubs and plenty of things going on in the area.

However, we find it quiet. Our friends rejoice in this though. They love the slower pace. They love the High Street and seem to know shopkeepers. They certainly know their neighbours and it’s quite a chatty close of houses.

I think most places are what you make of them and I don’t notice it being full of retirees but our friends would not have friends in that age range. I’m not a fan of Ipswich and definitely prefer Woodbridge.

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