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Tiles to laminate advice (pics included)

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strawberrydaq Fri 25-Sep-20 10:01:46

There tiles were already in when we bought the house and run through the hallway, kitchen and downstairs toilet. I hate them with a passion. They show up absolutely everything and I can't for the life or my keep them looking clean, I've tried different mops, different solutions but it doesn't matter. I really want to get rid of the tiles and put laminate down instead.

My question is has anyone done this and give me advice? My partner and dad are both handy at diy and my partner says he could just put the laminate over the tiles but my dad says you would need to take them up. What do you think? Both think it's not going to be simple. We are getting work done in the kitchen in hopefully jan (new doors, new worktops etc) is it best to do the flooring first or after? I'm absolutely sick of cleaning the floors and then it looking scruffy again within an hour!

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MrsLorenson Fri 25-Sep-20 10:33:06

Would you consider putting Karndean on top?

strawberrydaq Fri 25-Sep-20 10:36:23

I haven't really thought about karndean as I assume it is more expensive and I want to try and keep the cost low as there's other things that I'm planning on having done aswell so I thought laminate would be the best option price wise.

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FlumpetCrumpet Fri 25-Sep-20 10:50:12

I had the same issue as you and I put laminate over the top of the tiles. It looks passable at best as after a while you can see the outline of the tiles underneath and changing appliances under work surfaces is made more difficult. The shoddiness of doing it the way I did it gets commented on moby every tradesperson that has to do anything in the kitchen and so i pretend it was like that when I moved in grin 100% take the tiles up first. It does look better than the original tiles but I wish I'd saved up the money and had it done properly.

FlumpetCrumpet Fri 25-Sep-20 10:53:15

Ignore me, I read laminate and thought about lino for some reason confused I'm talking about lino, maybe I need more coffee!

raddledoldmisanthropist Sun 27-Sep-20 07:44:43

Personally I would go with LVT (which is what karndean is).

If you use rigid click LVT it is fitted just like laminate and your hubby could do it easily. Little price difference with laminate and it's more resilient.

Either way, fitting is the same:

Lay it on the tile because it's a lovely flat surface, pulling the tiles up would probably mean you'd need to screed (surprisingly expensive) if the subfloor was concrete.

Put a very thin underlay down (one specially for LVT or laminate) to reduce noise.

Remove the skirting first and leave a 5mm expansion gap between the edge of the tiles and the wall, then cover it with the skirt.

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