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Anyone used purple bricks or yopa in South manchester?

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Whywontthisjustend Thu 24-Sep-20 17:25:09

Just trying to chose between these two for listing the house and would appreciate some thoughts as the online reviews are obviously pretty meaningless! The individual agents both seem nice but of course they would do trying to get the business in the first place! Anyone had any experience with either Yopa or purple bricks in Didsbury/chorlton/South Manchester area?

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Sitdowncupoftea Thu 24-Sep-20 17:51:43

I've never used them for Manchester but used PB for viewings an absolute nightmare. I don't rate any online EA.

Monr0e Thu 24-Sep-20 18:15:07

Not as a vendor but we are currently house hunting in South Manchester and have viewed properties with both.

In terms of accessibility, purple bricks are much easier to contact. It took me 3 days of calls to yopa to arrange a viewing on a property they have on the market. Not good when you are trying to sell and want as many as possible to view it.

Whywontthisjustend Thu 24-Sep-20 19:14:08

Thanks both. I was originally going to go with a local one as we did for our last move but ironically two out of three of the ones I've had round have been a nightmare to get hold of and one valued the house at 40k less than the every single other agent local and online so didn't seem to make sense to go with them.

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Whywontthisjustend Thu 24-Sep-20 21:00:12

Anyone else?

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84claire84 Thu 24-Sep-20 21:04:29

I'm with purple bricks but not in your area. No issues at all and they are very easy to use and arrange viewings

theGirlWithManyFaces Sat 26-Sep-20 06:44:53

Didn't use either to sell but have viewed some with Yopa.

Had to make an account and then booked viewings all online so found this easier than having to ring estate agents.

As the seller was doing the viewings it was really flexible with evening slots etc, which we have found isn't the case with standard estate agents.

Also used the online account to submit feedback after the viewing and then to make our offer - there is a message function so we did have a few messages directly with the seller.

Overall I found the process positive, even having been sceptical initially when seeing the house was listed with them!

Good luck!

AnnCoates Sat 26-Sep-20 09:07:28

Not used Purple Bricks or Yopa but did use JP and Brimelow in Chorlton to sell my flat earlier this year (who were good) having first been with Phillip James Kennedy (who I wouldn’t recommend) - it may be different for houses but the fees were reasonable and not I think that much higher than going online.

I’m now looking to buy a house in South Manchester but wouldn’t view any on with online estate agents - it may be unfair but I think it suggests the vendor might be scrimping on paying for estate agents they may have also scrimped on maintenance for the house and also they may be reluctant to negotiate on price. Also, I might have to do all negotiating with them myself instead of the estate agent doing it for me as not everyone pays extra for that. As I say just a personal view but other people may feel the same.

Good luck flowers

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