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Loft conversion during covid - are we mad?

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SummerInSun Thu 24-Sep-20 16:03:10

Before Covid, we were about to start a loft conversion. We didn't start the work because we thought it would all be too much with us all at home, working from home and homeschooling our two DC. But as all this drags on, we are wondering about biting the bullet and getting the work done. Kids are back at school (at least for now), but DH and I are still working from home. The company says they could get it to plaster finish in 6-7 weeks.

My question to anyone who has had this done is - would it be madness to get a loft conversion done while we are working from home? And if anyone has had one done during Covid, were there any particular problems, eg workers off sick/quarantining, trouble getting materials, etc?

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TeenPlusTwenties Thu 24-Sep-20 16:08:54

Our loft conversion a few years back was surprisingly non invasive.
I was a SAHM, so at home but not trying to work.

Justpassingtime1 Thu 24-Sep-20 16:21:30

It depends whether there is any increase on restrictions placed by the government.
If there is a full lockdown it could be a bit more tricky .

WhereOnEarthDoIStart Thu 24-Sep-20 22:20:59

Most of the work is done from the outside. It's only when they knock through and put the stairs in that it gets messy. But it's almost done by then.

It will be noisy though with hammering etc.

R1R2 Thu 24-Sep-20 22:36:19

Crack on with it, Trades have been dealing with this virus since the start the vast majority of contractors have strict well tuned procedures in place to ensure both your and their safety. Material availability is good at the moment and wholesalers are holding extra stock in case of supply disruptions.

Elieza Thu 24-Sep-20 22:54:25

I’d go for it now before winter kicks in it will be cold then! And there will be more infections of various sorts then so higher chance if workers being absent. I think the worst is December onwards if I remember rightly.

My neighbours got theirs done during the COVID time in March. All work had to stop and they had piles of wood and stuff piled up in their hall until the workers were allowed in again. It was a bit cold as there was no power up there for a week or whatever and they got a plug in radiator put in. At least then it wasn’t so chilly in the rest of the house. That was in spring so it would be worse in mid December etc! All the heat rises into the loft. There’s no barrier to stop it when all you have is a gaping hole!

SummerInSun Fri 25-Sep-20 18:40:07

Thanks all. Yes, the upcoming winter is definitely another factor on our minds. Definitely don't want to be left with the roof off if we have to self isolate or something else goes wrong at this time of year.

Interested by the poster who was a SAHM when she had her loft done and didn't find it too disruptive.

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SunshineOutdoors Fri 25-Sep-20 18:50:17

We were one week into our loft conversion (which included first floor ceilings being lowered) when lockdown happened in March. Luckily our local council were v helpful and assured us that work could still continue. Was all done from outside the house, except when the staircase was put in. We managed to section of the house into two parts using plastic sheeting, so builders had front door and access to upstairs, we had back door, kitchen, lounge and downstairs loo (was great fun with me and dh wfh and two dc(!)). We got through it though and it’s been so worth it for the extra space.

SunshineOutdoors Fri 25-Sep-20 18:51:40

Oh and main issue was with material supplies rather than labour. We had to wait a few weeks for the window company to be back in business, just had ply board over the window holes for a while. I think you might not have this problem now though?

LondonStone Fri 25-Sep-20 22:11:46

No advice OP but I wish my neighbours had your builders! We’re on about week 14 of their loft conversion! Luckily for them they moved out during the whole process... hmmgrin

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