How to contact builders on mybuilder?

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Butterfly44 Thu 24-Sep-20 00:04:35

You post a job and then they contact you with quotes, if you shortlist them then details are exchanged and you can communicate.

tangledhair Wed 23-Sep-20 15:35:45

I think it was that site where I placed an ad for a roofing job, someone replied, had references...and were terrible, I could see the work wasnt going to be satisfactory to say the least and in the end found a local person via contacts. I myself wouldnt find trades via that route again but do know how very hard it is to find skilled trades who are available. Sometimes I've asked on Facebook but still have to be careful and vet them.

roses2 Wed 23-Sep-20 15:19:19

We're looking to have our bathroom redone. I've called a few people from checkatrade - many are very busy!

I'm now onto the mybuilder website but they seem to have an odd system where I have to email the builder and no contact details are shared unless the builder accepts the quote request. All good in principle however the mybuilder website limits me to contacting only a small number of builders so if they don't respond then what? Most only seem to have their first name published so I can't google for a company name/website.

Is that how mybuilder works? If yes I'll just have to go back to checkatrade and start trawling through builders who are a little further afield to see if they have availability. At least with checkaterade I can call them!

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