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What colour to paint pebbledash?

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SE13Mummy Thu 24-Sep-20 18:27:21

Our house is Edwardian 'in the Victorian style' and was built with pebbledash on the first floor of the front of the house. The ground floor was bare brick but a few years ago we had the whole thing painted white. The window frames (original casement) are white too but we had the front door, its frame, the roof tiles of the bay and the iron work on the front all painted in a dark grey. The contrast with what it used to look like is phenomenal. In fact, we now get people stopping to tell us it's the nicest house in the street and the two houses to our left have 'copied' us.

Jet888 Mon 21-Sep-20 12:31:19

Also Buildingthings , would love to get dm photo of your house if possible to see the colour on pebbledash! Thankyou

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AriettyHomily Mon 21-Sep-20 12:01:36


Or can you get it stripped?

Jet888 Mon 21-Sep-20 11:52:31

Thankyou so much everyone. I'm going to hold back from posting picture of house yet as sale still going through and I can very superstitious about things going wrong!
It's interwar so not converted property. Definitely going to look up those colours you have used. Windows are white with white porch door

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Mon 21-Sep-20 09:44:34

I think it would be better 'sprayed' I had a pebble-dashed house (1930s) and if you brushed the wall the 'pebbles' came away very freely.

But as PP has said there's no going back and you will have a job for life...

If you were to remove the pebble-dash (and I have no idea how easy or difficult that would be - difficult I would say) you don't know the quality of the underlying brickwork. The pebble-dash may cover up a multitude of poor workmanship and half bricks.

Lululemming Mon 21-Sep-20 09:39:09

I have Wethershield Cornish Cream which is OK, love the F&B colours but way out of my price range.
I don't know if you are DIYing but it is a pain to get in the little holes and dips, as a PP said it sucks the paint up. I have been trying since March to get the motivation to repaint it, paint, brushes and ladder sitting ready, just not been able to face it. Good Luck OP 😀

BuildingThings Mon 21-Sep-20 09:18:03

We painted our pebbledash house f&b mizzle in the spring & have received so many compliments. I can DM you a photo if you like smile
Another pebbledash house on our street is calamine, I hope more houses go this route and our street will start looking like a pretty seaside town!

one thing to remember is that once you've done it theres no going back, you'll have to repaint every 10 years or so and that's about £400 for the scaffolding (if you're doing it yourself) or about £2k if you hire a professional. In the long run (depending on how long you're planning on staying in your house) it's better to strip the pebbledash off if you know it's brick underneath.

NachoNachoMan Mon 21-Sep-20 07:42:53

What colours are your windows and front door? Is it your whole house that is pebble dash? I think you need to upload a picture grin

ageingdisgracefully Mon 21-Sep-20 07:42:42

In my experience it's really hard to paint pebbledash and get a good finish, as it kind of sucks up the paint.

I'd stick to a dark colour though, as I think generally darker colours are more forgiving.

JoJoSM2 Mon 21-Sep-20 07:42:37

Is it a combination of pebbledash and brickwork? Magnolia is a little naff but there are some off-whites that might look good but you just need to pick sth to go with the colour of the brickwork. White can also look lovely.

If the house isn’t Edwardian or interwar and pebbledashed by design, but a botch job on a Victorian etc then I’d have it removed rather than painted.

Jet888 Mon 21-Sep-20 07:38:54

We have decided to paint a pebbledash property. Was planning on white but uncle said this would look too stark and said magnolia. Any advice on what colour you used that looked good from people that have painted pebbledash?

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