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LED lights

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SecretOfChange Sat 19-Sep-20 11:54:41

I am right in the beginning of a renovation project and considering LED ceiling lights for my teenage daughter's bedroom.

Also wondered if LED strips on stairs would look cool also.

Has anyone done this, what does it involve? What do I buy / what do I ask the builders to do? Any other thoughts? Thanks!

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Eng123 Sun 20-Sep-20 09:01:38

In the picture the stairs have a cover strip over the lights. This is probably hiding led tape. Its crude, a dust trap and prone to damage. I like 'I lumoS" products for this sort of application:
These are flexible plastic square sections with an in built dome diffuser. To fit you would ask them to route out a groove directly in the string (a trimmer router may fit, if not a reciprocating multitiool and a hardwood block works well. Another similar option is to use led tape and a rigid track with diffuser cap. Avoid using led tape stuck on behind a reveal, it just looks cheap and tacky IMO.
For mouldings and coveings a plasterer or carpenter may be your best bet. Again the ones in the picture would be great when new but an awful dust trap. A square section picture rail could work, again avoid just sticking the strip on top of the rail without a diffuser cap - it's a tempting bodge but a bodge!

SecretOfChange Tue 29-Sep-20 22:41:12

Thank you so much @Eng123 that's super useful. I don't understand all of it - I've never done DYI before I'm afraid so haven't got the vocabulary for it! But I will come back to it when it's time to do LED lights and research some more! I see what you mean about the dust trap - not thought about it so that's a good point. On the other hand I don't think features like that survive more than 1-2 years anyway because teenagers change their preferences and move on to other things so fast.

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