Mortgage Application - Sick Leave

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SilverLiningSearching Wed 16-Sep-20 20:22:29

Sorry yes, I meant payslip! I have a 2 week period of Sick Leave showing up within the last 3 wage slips, heard that they are getting very strict at the mo, so a bit paranoid.

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CurlyStrawsRock Wed 16-Sep-20 11:20:48

Sick leave would only show on a payslip rather than a bank you mean that? If it's paid sick leave and one occurrence it wouldn't necessarily be a problem as your income remained the same.

SilverLiningSearching Wed 16-Sep-20 11:00:42

If a period of paid sick leave is showing on submitted bank statements for a Mortgage Application, would this be an issue, or does it depend on the length of sick leave?

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