Moving to Colchester ( Tiptree)

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TooManyQuestionsSorry Tue 15-Sep-20 12:01:18

Hi all, we are planning to buy a house in Tiptree area of Colchester and need some urgent advise on how the area is etc. The house is near the famous Jam factory.

No kids at the moment but we are planning in a year or two.

Can you please advise on the area in general please ?

NB: will be travelling to London from Kelvedon station so any tips there will be appreciated. Thanks

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Amijustagrump Tue 15-Sep-20 17:21:42

Tiptree is nice, long way to a hospital and the secondary school isn't that great. But you'll have everything you need and colchester and chelmsford are both good for shops! Nice pub (the ship) on the maldon side. If you want a nightlife you will spend a lot on taxis to chelmsford but if you want quiet and to see some ducks walk around the park you'll be fine!

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