Qualified Acceptance: seller wants too many clauses to be removed

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Shinji78 Mon 14-Sep-20 11:25:11

Hi. Sorry if this topic has been discussed in the past, but I think each case is different.

English is not my mother language and when buying my first property in the UK I have huge concerns about understanding things.
Although my solicitor will be helping me to understand things, due to Covid-19 it will happen by phone, so things are even more challenging than if it was in person.

I put an offer on a apartment that was built in 2010 and it was accepted, but the Qualified Acceptance shows at least 11 clauses to be removed.

I would accept like 3 or 4 clauses off, but the seller should know that the more clauses he wants to remove, the less reliable the purchase is.

More specifically, he wants Conditions 3, 8, 14, 15, 19 and 25 from the Scottish Standard Clause (ed. 3) off.
On top of that, he also wants 5 more conditions from the ones I asked on my offer to be removed. One of them is a request to have a satisfactory EWS1 report, which my mortgage lender is also requesting.

For those who doesn't know, after London's Grenfell Tower tragedy, these reports states whether or not the isolation cladding materials are made with aluminium composites which makes them difficult to combust, so we are also talking about a safety matter.

If you ever bought a property in Scotland, how usual is for the seller to be removing so many clauses?

I'm afraid my solicitor will explain but I will get only 60% of what he says.
Reading here makes things much easier for me to catch

Thank you in advance

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