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Passportpacked Sat 12-Sep-20 08:49:53

Looking for advice as we are relocating, dh has a new job in Barrow and we will have to move nearer. Have a 2yo so looking for somewhere with decent schools. I also may have the opportunity of working in Preston so wondering if there is anywhere that both myself and dh could commute easily from. Have heard that traffic between Barrow and M6 can be a nightmare so any advice on this would be great too. Thanks

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LouMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 12-Sep-20 11:13:03

Hi there, @Passportpacked - we've moved your thread over to DIY/Property now as requested. Hope that helps and you get some useful advice. Best of luck with your relocation! smile

snaxinyourslacks Sat 12-Sep-20 12:52:31

Hello I am in good ol Barrow-in-Furness! Moved around 3 years ago from the SE due to DH work.

Any questions, ask away.

Passportpacked Sun 13-Sep-20 07:31:31

Thanks, just any recommendations really on where we should start looking. We live rurally at the moment so don't want anywhere too busy however we need to be walking distance to a school.

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Digestive28 Sun 13-Sep-20 07:38:12

Anywhere is South Lakes would work for Preston and Barrow. Some lovely villages around Kirkby Lonsdale and Kendal.

Wetoopere Sun 13-Sep-20 07:40:41

I always recommend Ulverston but you may want Kendal for an easier Preston commute!
A590 can be a nightmare at times though.
Preston isn’t too bad by train from Furness though, depends where you’ll be in Preston.

snaxinyourslacks Sun 13-Sep-20 08:49:03

Ulverston might be a good bet but I do agree with others. Anywhere in the south lakes. I know a few people who live in Kendal and travel into Barrow for work. The 590 isn't great and it's often blocked or slow due to accidents. The train from Barrow to Preston isn't too bad (around 1hr 15 mins) but I think it's pretty unreliable and it gets cancelled or delayed very often. I don't think I would like to rely on it to get me into work everyday.


Passportpacked Sun 13-Sep-20 09:51:09

Thank you, this is all really helpful. It's so difficult when we don't know the area or anyone up there. Planning a trip up for a look around, daunted at the prospect of the move but excited too.

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snaxinyourslacks Sun 13-Sep-20 10:14:30

@Passportpacked can I ask where you currently live? When we moved up here from the SE I found it to be a real culture shock and it took me a long time to get used to the grey dreariness, but I really do love living here now and I wouldn't change it for the world?

Please do just ask about areas if you're unsure and I will help as much as I can.

Passportpacked Sun 13-Sep-20 11:08:24

@snaxinyourslacks we are in Greater Manchester so only a couple of hours away and we are very much used to grey and dreary. Have been up the Lakes a lot before but not really the Barrow area. Do you know anything about the traffic in and out of Barrow and how bad it actually is?

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RoseCaterpillar Sun 13-Sep-20 11:15:30

I have to travel up to barrow from Preston area fairly regularly, it should take about 1hour 20Mins, it's not the best drive. During the summer when people are travelling to the lakes coming off the m6 to get to the a590 is absolutely awful, took 3 and a half hours one Friday. I would not recommend!

snaxinyourslacks Sun 13-Sep-20 20:06:03

@Passportpacked I try to avoid the A590 at busy times if I can but I many people do travel in and out everyday. It's not the best road and is single lane in a few places. There are often accidents and traffic can be bad when there is an incident.

Another area to consider living is Grange over sands or Lindale. Both would be good for Preston and Barrow.

CatsFantastic Sun 13-Sep-20 20:11:55

I grew up in this area and it’s beautiful OP, if you are interested in nature you are sorted for your weekends, gorgeous walks wherever you go !

I would second Ulverston as a nice place to live, although Barrow does have some lovely areas as well. Or you could go for beach front if you looked at Walney, or Askam.

I used to commute from Barrow to Preston and I would not recommend it, but Barrow to Lancaster (and anywhere in between) is doable for a much better work life balance.

TheDrsDocMartens Mon 14-Sep-20 07:39:45

The traffic problems tend to be accidents at Greenodd/Newby Bridge, snow on Lindale Hill , flooding on Levens and Brettagh Holt and tourists!
Would you both be travelling every day?

Passportpacked Mon 14-Sep-20 19:20:41

Thanks everyone, this is all brilliant advice. @TheDrsDocMartens Dh would be in Barrow everyday and me in Preston 2 or 3 times week. Currently wfh but don't know how long this will last. @CatsFantastic we love walking, mountain biking etc so are excited at the prospect of more of this

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Wetoopere Mon 14-Sep-20 19:49:01

I’d stick to the peninsula end then. Ulverston, Grange, Carmel could all include walking to school.

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